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  1. Gauss' battery is fine now. Finally it isnt a chore to use redline. All that is left is to add sprint speed to redline or scale mach rush by increasing meters per second the longer its channeled.
  2. That's all I really wanted but they didn't deliver. Archeage unchained where you at tho.
  3. Another month? Yeah right he wont be seeing any changes for 2 years
  4. Go fight a lv165 battalyst and come back with your results.
  5. Aye still posting feedbacks? DE has shown they dont care for fixing Gauss after almost 3 weeks of nothing. No comment from devs on whether they are even working on anything. Its not just gauss. That goes for ember, hildryn, nyx, etc. Qol changes are too much for them. Dont bother posting. They arent listening.
  6. Warframe wise the devs dont really care. Whatever is in their mind is what they give whether the community likes it or not.
  7. Why bother disagreeing if you're going to agreee later? Just say it does need a tweak to scale properly.
  8. We're complaining about overall battery drain when running redline with kinetic plating. Dont sit there and act like it isnt an issue. The play style of dashing all over and spamming ability to keep up redline meter gets old very fast. Not only that, the payoff barely seems worth it. And where exactly is the sprint boost stat in mach rush or redline. Funny how people come along and say a certain thing is fine. Similar thing happened with zephyr years back. Now no one hardly uses her and yet claim "shes fine!!" Riight watch DE do nothing.
  9. Can we please get some real fixes for gauss like adding sprint speed to redline, increasing energy return from kinetic plating, faster charge for redline, and allowing mach run to be modded for more speed. Come on DE make it happen.
  10. Somehow you seem to be missing the point. We are saying shooting and using melee still drains battery extremely fast while using kinetic plating and redline together. The only way to stay above redline is by spamming 1 and 3 in that state. Now is it fun to be force to run around mindlessly with 2 skills that barely make a difference just to build up a gauge? On a side note, Redline meter should fill quicker with the more enemies gauss hits with mach rush
  11. DE don't ruin this good frame. Here are some changes I would like to see to make this a worthwhile frame. 1. Mach Rush distance covered should scale with power strength. Energy per cast should be cut in half when redline is active. The damage should be tied to melee mods along with power strength for scaling purposes. 2. Kinetic plating's gauge should decrease 2 seconds after taking damage. This will help to survive at higher levels and prevent one-shots. Energy returned upon damaged should be 20%. 3. Thermal sunder base range should be increased to 20 meters. The closing ring needs to be removed entirely. Allies inside the ring should gain damage buff that is affected by power strength. 4. Redline should increase sprint speed, small damage buff, and projectile flight speed along with the other 4 buffs that are already present. The point is to beef up everything so why not actually beef up everything like the name insinuates. Redline gauge should decrease slower based on efficiency and fill up based on power strength. Thanks for your time. I hope DE makes the proper changes.
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