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  1. What I come off as: aDd bEtTeR tExTuReS dE, mInE aRe pIxElAtEd What I really mean: Just put in better options (which should be coming) and make them more specific. It'll be better than just hiding a "mess"
  2. Dim lighting isn't great in my opinion, it makes it hard to see and hides textures. Just put in good textures & lighting and it'll be better than dim lighting, I guarantee it.
  3. This is really damn annoying, I just got my first adaptation, but then died. The damn UI immediately popped up while I was typing a chat message, and I hit enter as it showed up, I lost my adaptation and everything else. Not sure if this counts as a bug or not, but it's really annoying.
  4. tbh Ropy could've just been bad settings on my part, unsure however. The metal needs a fix so bad though.
  5. So, the new lighting changes, they're really just... bad. I had a gold on all of my stuff that looked fine, if not a bit saturated, now it almost looks like I'm a lego figure. My Liset had a prisma skin with the same gold, now it looks like butter/plastic, the worst part however, is something that can actually interfere with gameplay. I was running Ropy solo, as I like to do for fun sometimes, and I was just blinded after cutscenes, the terren charger, ropy's attacks, and the power conduits. It was really hard to see anything as I played, and I almost lost because of it. This problem most likely carries over to other flashy bosses. I'll update if I get any responses or find another similar problem.
  6. I consider myself an average player, and I can barely even find demos before they're like 30m away from the conduit, it seems like DE wants this to be an endgame hybrid-like farm mission, but if it's endgame... it should have better rewards.
  7. About Gauss, yeah, I get it, he's the newest frame and he shouldn't be as easy as killing an assassination target a few times, but come on, all of his components are in rotation C, and disruption gets boring very quickly once you get the pattern of the demos down. In my opinion one of his parts should be in each rotation. EDIT: I looked into rotations, yeah, Gauss is easy as hell if you can keep 3-4 conduits alive each round.
  8. So far I believe that Mars, Neptune, and Uranus are going to be neglected because of their similar drops. Lua has the lens, Fortress has... well, Kuva, and Sedna has Gauss Components. The others are being left behind because of their mundane and overall boring rewards, also, if a node has had a gamemode change, it should be considered incomplete or at least should notify players of the change more descriptively.
  9. If currency is a thing, the cosmetics should be purchased with that imo.
  10. I remember a funny glitch where after I transferred back into my chroma, I saw my Operator awaiting transference, went away after I went back in operator mode. Wally, are you f*cking with me again?
  11. Was this meant to bond Tenno and Grineer for The New War, didn't Ballas say Natah made us lose potential allies? Either this is true and hidden under a playful facade, or I need to put my tinfoil hat away.
  12. Yeah... something tells me it would be weird if your armor was bleeding, lol.
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