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  1. Something more annoying than an outright garbage frame for me personally (pre rework ember etc) is a warframe that sits around the 7.5/10 mark. Oberon is a B rank warframe for me, and it’s frustrating because the developers will never likely touch these B rankers ever again in favour of fixing the bottom of the pack which is understandable. They are in the development void. Dispite that, I love Oberon’s fashion, theme and sound effects, and I would love to play him, and seeing as how DE responded to the call for ember’s changes, I will display my feedback regardless. Passive: Problems: Pets are famously useless. I spend most of my life reviving pets in missions past level 60. They run straight into bullets, and have questionable AI. Despite khora being the supposed beast master warframe, I’m happy with Oberon keeping his old “Kubrows are the only example of nature in 2014 warframe passive”, however I think some changes are in order. Firstly, what would actually keep pets alive late game? Flat armour boost isn’t going to fix this, giving them a revive defeats the object? Use this bad thing twice and it lasts longer isn’t a good philosophy. ___________________________________ Solutions: 50% damage deflection on pets. Pets recieve +4 health per second regeneration when in close proximity to Oberon (4 meters) Pets receive 50% evasion when afar. (+10 meters) (When a pet is attacked 50% of the damage is deflected and the enemy is staggered. Preventing repeat fire, the evasion helps them evade when they are facing large groups of enemies when they wander off, and the continuous heal is nice when up close, I feel pets are bad enough to warrant a dynamic passive like this with multiple buffs. I don’t think this would be too much and it’s an improvement overall to an area of the game which is remarkably underpowered. ______________________________________ 3. Renewal. Problems: Oberon is a sacrificial warframe when it comes to mods. You can have 3/4 of what you want but never all 4 at once My huge issue with renewal is that if you want to have good regeneration from power strength, you have to sacrifice an umbrella, and have a small health pool (around 300) this means when you take 300 damage in one hit, which happens quite often, it’s game over and the regen is redundant. Solutions Renewal steals additional health from enemies when damaged, +1 health per 1000 damage dealt. This would ease up the need to use extreme power strength, and free up a mod slot to have a larger pool of health. This allows Oberon to be more potent when aggressive while having a larger health pool to take hits. ______________________________________ Reckoning Problems: Good ability, but weak for a 4th. My issue with it is that it lasts very little time, and I would quite like an after burn effect, especially when considering the high power strength needed to make him work, that’s a lot of energy to use for a small time here is my proposal. Solutions: After the initial large wave of reckoning knocking down all enemies, an area around Oberon which lasts 20 seconds and spans 8 meters knocks down all enemies which are close to Oberon. His 2 and 4 would now work nicely with his 3, every 1000 damage heals Oberon by 1 health, which means dealing 5000 damage to 15 enemies in a wave would give back 75 health in a burst, and his 2 would be passively damaging enemies also. One complaint with Oberon is that his abilities don’t work together but instead buff each other superficially. This change would make them stack in new ways. Overall what you would have is a warframe that can heal and remain aggressive, while freeing up a mod slot for the health pool increase and keeping pets relevant.
  2. A larger portal that swallows up bullets would make her a better all rounder. But keep the speed aspect.
  3. I think it fits perfectly. It’s a very sweet and wholesome design, it’s different but I think it’s a good fit for her, a nice unique design amidst all of the mediocre standard mecha skins we get ... boring.
  4. It was a terrible idea to nerf this weapon. Squishy frames now have no melee choice... shame
  5. I really enjoy how the artist has taken the inspirations for the original warframe, and carried that through whilst also going in a fresh new direction. Sometimes it’s impossible to predict a good or bad design, sometimes something just appears in front of your eyes and you think... that’s an essential design, and as soon as I saw it, I wanted to buy it, and I couldn’t imagine another design in its place. It’s also rare we get something that looks so cute! My girlfriend who has never played warframe jumped up and said what a wonderfully designed character she was! She said that it had elements of Nintendo, perhaps monster hunter in there, the petals on her head are a nice touch, I will definately be buying the prime access and accessories this Christmas, I really enjoy the more wild designs, and don’t enjoy the generic mecha that some of the skins have, I like primes to look orokin, while also having something that really sets them apart from the others. and this certainly looks like one of the most inspired designs in the game so far. I will say to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL that her syandana doesn’t clip with her void jelly skirt thing... it was clashing in the devstream slightly.
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