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  1. So cast garuda’s dread mirror, and you’ll notice that it’s really smooth. Obviously over time the development of dynamic abilities that remain on the player has improved, however when you pick up volt’s shield it’s still extremely buggy, it seems to have a low frame rate which ticks when you move it around instead of it being one solid object. Could we improve this? Furthermore it’s also kinda annoying how when your using it if you reload you have to drop the shield...
  2. The concern with this is that with overlapping melodies, 2 Octavias will generate noise spam in different chords. Firstly I would like to counter this with a subjective opinion that the current limitation of notes makes the music flat and out of tune, which overall ends up being net worse than the odd occasion where far better sounding music would overlap. Generally, if the noise spam annoys people they can just turn it off, Octavia’s abilities visually stretch and retract based on the rythm that you need to move to in order to generate buffs. Thirdly with the addition of the shawzin, this completely overshadows Octavia, and makes the manachord feel odd. All we really need is some more manachord settings. People can make use of the visuals to make use of her fully without listening to it. Please allow us to make proper melodies, as I find this extremely incohesive and unaligned with the premise of a music themed warframe. I feel this undermines the potential for creativity that this warframe could provide.
  3. This is THE MOST RAGE INDUCING THING! and you can tell because I’m busting out the capital letters for this one. Gauss, a fast frame, we play in planet tilesets, wether that’s kuva fortress, void, starchart, and of course open world where this problem doesn’t surface. Most tilesets however have a door LITERALLY every 20 steps, which opens slower than you move into it, thus knocking Gauss out of Mach rush. Every single time!!! Can we make doors collidable while not counting as tagged for a surface that knocks gauss out of cast. Instead he collides physically, pauses and then when the door opens he continues on the path he is on. Simple.
  4. I do agree. I guess I’m the “army” this game needs tighter and more deliberate AI.
  5. Exactly, the idea is that you get the double effect, the instant installation of the existing mod, and then in the next wave of augments, this frame will get another.
  6. Just turn effigy into a flying resonator. Chroma is supposedly the damage converter warframe, gaining damage from damage taken... so why does the effigy not do this? Why not have the effigy draw fire, and then get more damaging the more it takes? Also make it a lot cheaper... the energy over time is ridiculous. When you consider wukong’s clone, and the damage that thing can output and then how it has no duration or drain...
  7. While this works during starchart content, I wouldn’t be using any of his reworked health draining abilities during bosses/eidolon hunts because health is harder to recover than shields, so he would also need a way to recover health that doesn’t rely on targetable mobs. I think most frames only have one viable build to them. Having a frame with true build diversity is rare, and even then, I would prefer just to be able to use everything at once. I wouldn’t want Inaros to end up like trinity, max duration for bless, min duration for ev etc... just annoying.
  8. Why would someone choose not to more efficiently pull in energy and loot? I noticed an augment for Titania, and... it removes vacuum, I initially thought it was meant to be a negative to counter balance having a full set of damage reduction mods to use on her. Aviator, Aerodynamic, and Ironclad, however upon noticing it cannot stack, I wondered what the point of the mod was, apparently it’s for people who choose not to use vacuum on Titania? Why would anyone do that.
  9. Gone are the days when she could mind control Vay Hek
  10. The end goal for this is just to finally see some change to these old frames. Obviously we aren’t going to see many full reworks due to the man power it takes to pull that off, and from what I have heard the latest updates are scraping through as it is. DE has their hands full. This method literally just installs an already in-game system locally. This isn’t the fix we would want but it’s certainly something that would at least figure some balance to the very bottom of the pile and keep it moving and dynamic down there somewhat, instead of being completely stagnant and nothing happening for long periods of time.
  11. I don’t know. The identity of Inaros is the warframe you use when DE pull out “mechanics” Abilities shouldn’t really be the focus of any rework for this warframe. This warframe is something ancient, something extremely powerful in a unique way, having the limitation to that set so high is part of that makes Inaros so great. I don’t think adding any viable abilities in exchange for his health would serve to improve him, because we already have Hildryn who takes from her EHP to fuel abilities, and she is extremely controversial. Inaros must remain the warframe that sits outside the energy meta completely, something totally analogue, in a digital meta. The only abilities I would give him would be a grouping mechanic on his tornado that could perhaps strip armour over time. I would allow him to move during his 4, and I would allow incoming damage while in this state to add extra armour. I do enjoy the idea of the spectres though.
  12. Loki is fast approaching the bottom of the pile. Having the ability to break the AI used to be powerful. Now he only breaks very few factions, so the more unique enemies DE add to the game, the further Loki is pushed down and down into the abyss. I believe some bosses can even target him while invisible...
  13. It would be two per season, so 2 frames every 4 months. The least played right now are probably Hydroid and Banshee. Then probably Baruuk, Zephyr, although baruuk is finding his feet in the steel path.
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