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  1. This, this all day. If DE takes anything away from this thread let it be this.
  2. Think of that as a failure of design that will swallow the game
  3. I play as a hunter, my main wish is for them to buff the regular guns so that people can actually play without having to use special stuff all the time. It’s a 10 shot kill with an auto rifle it’s insane, people just fly around using snipers and shotguns and abilities.
  4. Destiny 2 has a much sharper and more appropriate difficulty scale at every level of play than this game. The super abilities are so rare that it’s more like your one chance, I personally don’t like big supers because it’s like a free win card for all players, makes PVP feel like a turn based game.
  5. I mean I don’t want to scare you or anything but, in some games, you can actually fail a mission if you, for instance, decide to run into a bunch of enemies while reloading, or when an enemy throws a grenade at you and instead of running away, you just stand there drooling. This is called gameplay.
  6. It kinda struck me that the variations in enemy design really don’t matter because they are all trivialized, I think if punch through only effected enemies themselves and not their shields, (actual shields not blue shields.) i think it would be a start. I think warframe does a lot to mix up its enemy design, more so than most games, but I feel this falls short because of how powerful we are, so perhaps just exaggerating some key principles of enemies like having to shoot around an enemies shield would add a little more confidence to the design of the game. So just to be clear, punch through would shoot through multiple enemies, but shields would make bullets ping off of their shields, perhaps into other enemies or back at you? Something like that. You would of course need to aim at the feet, or the head.
  7. Enemies need more weight to them, we need to consistently be downed in regular missions from making mistakes, if you get cornered you should be punished like in destiny. The game is dull because your fighting paper enemies. They’re so weak that you barely notice the difference between them, shield enemy? One shot, boring
  8. After watching the new war reveal, one thing was on my mind. Faction based PVP. Let me tell you a story. Right now on the PS3, there’s a hacked game server for Metal Gear Online 2, shipped originally with MGS4. It was closed down in its prime, and players brought it back to life, it survives today. Every player must tweak their PS3 and save to play, however it still amasses players in the thousands... People will go to the ends of the earth for a good tactical shooter, with social elements. In a game like warframe, with its sense of community, its game chat, it’s clan system, we are one step away from achieving a cult classic PVP game. What kept players coming back was a mixture of the great shooting gameplay, identity and character customization and the great community of old players teaching the new. Unfortunately PVP has been plagued with balance issues, that come primarily from PVE systems, like shields, unfair skew on innate toxin damage penetration, certain weapons overpowering the rest, high mobility creating too high of a skill ceiling. The constant need to balance new frames and weapons into PVP becoming impossible. These are all things I’ve heard while playing, there’s probably more. What it desperately needs is context. The answer I believe, is to create 4 different classes of each faction, MOA, Crewman, Osprey, Bursa for the corpus, and Heavy Gunner, Drakh, Lancer, shield trooper for the grineer, you’d have to match them up, bursa’s and shield troops being the defensive class etc. Then you’d have a series of set faction specific weapons to use. There’s plenty of maps to use, deployables, grenades etc You could literally have a game-mode where one random player becomes Ivara, and she stalks the battlefield and fights both teams, and whoever finds and kills her becomes her. Interesting stuff, be creative. How do you make it worthwhile? Well, host tournaments. Each team fights and the winning team progresses, last team standing wins a rare cosmetic. Make real and worthwhile rewards that you can show off. I think personally that the salt in a game is something to be respected, as passion really drives fandom. Adding some bragging rights is definitely a good thing and adds value. Nihilistic practices will leave you feeling empty and worthless, so set the stakes high and keep the rewards rare. All shooters that survive are coincidentally the most toxic, not the most balanced. It’s a necessary evil. It’s ancestral. I hope we see even a casual PVP scene emerge from the new war, as there isn’t really anything cornering the market right now and battlefield is going to dominate the casual PVP scene after christmas.
  9. The best PVP games rely on skill and good aim to win, the worst ones give one time tricks to players so they have their turn. This is why CSGO, BF4 and SIEGE refuse to die. It’s the infantry gameplay. It’s immortal. All warframe needs is less tricks, less abilities and shields and more focus on using a combination of the movement system and having good aim to create a high learning curve PVP scene. Simple and effective.
  10. On playstation it’s dead. There really isn’t millions of players there at least, the steel path is generally barren on players already, the only populated nodes are about 4 squads in hydron and some elsewhere in normal mode, and you might get lucky.
  11. Yeah alright, a PVP thread, go ahead. Look, I honestly believe this could be absolutely playable without these two items. The Wolf sledge is an across map instakill, and the boltace spin attack forces stun lock, these weapons take up about 90% of PVP’s problems, if no one is using them I have a good time. When people start using these THATS when people start leaving the game. You could argue that innate toxin bypassing shields is a close third, so maybe set all players health at 800, and no shields all round to make all damage more equal? Pleaaaase, just one small step to make it playable. It can’t be that hard to simply disable 2 weapons, there are plenty of weapons already not in there because they are new.
  12. This is a massive mistake and they should be rethinking this immediately
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