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  1. I gravitate towards difficult games, so I’m not even going to attempt to conceal my bias for thrilling, engaging and challenging gameplay. I came from the dying wreckage of the metal gear solid franchise straight to warframe, I suppose the impression it gave me as I was born as a Tenno was a mixture of duelling with katanas to get into a good clan, clan warfare itself and getting squads together for extreme tower 4 survivals, I felt this was a very eastern feeling game. It had a moderate skill ceiling, sword combos, great parkour, it had raids with a promise of more coming, the raids had diffi
  2. Basically spot on, a halfway house. Lacking the immediacy of efficient missions, while not yet providing the future. We are in an akward position. They can’t deliver the final game in one swing because it’s physically impossible both workload wise and system software wise, it’s actually clever how they have managed to build it incrementally while allowing us to play on it. You have to give it to DE, when I look at the content other games put out, warframe is actually very good and it feels like it has a great deal of direction.
  3. It’s not news that weekend players have complained for inclusivity across all content, from shield gates to the removal of squad roles which used to diversify frame choice, they basically cause DE to dampen everything down each time. They actually just nerfed railjack this update surprisingly. Strange, as some players were sitting at 20k hull health and had no problem with clearing missions. There are actually people complaining about this on this very forum section right now. If they now begin to desire to change the entire genre of the game, they are pirates. If the vision for the g
  4. Fantastic, yes. The illusion has indeed been shattered. I will enjoy my free ride.
  5. Sometimes discussions can be heated, but that’s because of the passion we share for warframe. I want you to know that while my experience with railjack has been overwhealmingly negative, had I played on PC, it would likely be softer. As you can probably tell from my original post, half of my complaints were technical. I’m not completely against railjack, I’m just massively skeptical as someone who has followed this game since it’s birth, the validity of direction the game has taken as in the past we have had multiple twists and turns. I suppose that is one of the game’s biggest strengths when
  6. It’s preference and it’s something we will have to learn to disagree peacefully on, I personally enjoyed railjack more when it was more difficult, but some players enjoy sitting there like an amoeba shooting ships down, some people like cutting down armies of enemies with a sword. I’m perfectly accepting of having you up in the sky doing what you want while I’m down below using my warframe and weapons. That has been teased before, so I hope it happens. What I don’t want though is either of us having to put up with what we don’t enjoy as an overarching base game. The new war should probably ans
  7. Oh thanks. I would use it if I could actually play a mission
  8. Can barely load into railjack at all. Bring back raids. Bring back PVP.
  9. And this is exactly what I’m talking about, your playing warframe, but you want World of Warships. That’s your gameplay desire. I can’t communicate to you what it’s like to have a game you enjoy be hijacked by casual players who don’t enjoy what core warframe was.
  10. I’ve been playing railjack for a good amount of time after this update where I think I’m ready to give an opinion on it. Two things that are quite clear to me: 1: right now it’s desperately struggling under the current software on consoles. PS4 load times for me have been upward of 4 minutes. This is an experience shared by my clan mates who I discussed this with to ensure I was not alone. It’s laggy, it’s very unstable and I would say getting into a mission that’s playable happens around once in every five games I play. PS5 may solve this issue. 2: The future of this syst
  11. BUG REPORT (PlayStation 4) TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: Sevagoth’s Shadow: “Reunite” ability causes warframe (upon returning.) to be in a glitched state where you cannot fire your weapon and you can use abilities without pressing R1 alongside X Square Circle Triangle, (I can cast abilities using these buttons ONLY, without using R1 to bring up the ability wheel.) this should not happen. If I try to jump by pressing X it will boot you into operator... if I use an ability it will also do this. REPRODUCTION: Enter mission, use ultimate, use reunite, experience a glitched state,
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