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  1. Correction, the game IS hard enough if you push yourself. And as a player that enjoys that, I certainly need warframe a that can do more than punch something for 2000 damage.
  2. It’s a valuable metric to me considering the late game important content for the previous 2 massive updates and events have been mini bosses and bosses and ability immune targets. Please elaborate on how the largest targets which offer most of the new frames as unlocks are not valuable metrics.
  3. Yeah, so the Helminth thing. I was thinking about it today, I have literally been removing this thing from all my frames everyday for at least 2-3 years now. Grows on your neck and you catch it from players, I have a lot of warframes, they all catch the cysts, and then I have to remove it from about 6-7 of them everyday. Can there be a way to stop this? Maybe a permanent cure? I don’t and never will want a kubrow of any kind, I spend half my time in arbitration’s reviving people’s dumb non-scaling pets, and because this is only tied to one thing (charger) I feel it’s a pretty annoying thing, not to mention a complete waste of a door on the ship. I would like there to be either an upgrade to the cyst, perhaps linking it to the kuva liches or something or inventing a cure perhaps as a competitive reward for clan vs clan in the future.
  4. It’s nice that people will use utility mods which are not used at all now though.
  5. It’s going to be a fun October for sure.
  6. No I think your dancing around the facts, in their current state, there is no need to take vauban because bastile and vortex can’t CC some enemies, it’s therefore more consistent to play a different frame and CC with magus lockdown whilst using your other abilities to utility.
  7. Actually rhino was one of the only warframes able to push past 20.000 in disruption without being completely wiped by aura damage. When warframe gets tough on the side of ability immune enemies, rhino can still tank, and his damage ability still applies to anything you can shoot at. I would say however that his passive is lame and he is neglected in terms of animation, he feels very clunky
  8. Banshee needs a rework before the new war because back in 2015, her high risk, kill or die playstyle was functional and really fun to try, however as they add more and more ability immune enemies to the game, there is no real use for her since her damage actually comes from a debuff instead of a self buff. If sonar doesn’t trigger, she isn’t a DPS, so there’s no reason to take on her downsides if there’s no plus sides. It seems to me that when the game gets tough, only self buffers seem to be relevant... so my vote goes to banshee.
  9. Anything can speed run low level content, I want to take ember into endurance. I don’t feel as though it’s fair that any warframe gets shunned into being a trash clearing machine.
  10. Using accelerant was a bandaid. Her kit looks more polished and it scales better now, and the play style looks less lazy and she has bigger damage
  11. Extremely happy with the ember rework and the fire damage rework overall, her kit isn’t full of bandaids and actually will function now. I’m very very happy indeed.
  12. Dude you don’t need accelerant because fire damage is reworked... accelerant added a small ammount of damage to you. It isn’t needed
  13. It looks good, the combination of armour stripping, damage reduction and big damage is awesome. COULDNT ASK FOR MORE! definately puts her in line with saryn and other warframes
  14. Think about it. Volt has shocking capabilities and can mass spread them for CC on his 1 and 4, so basically vaubans traps with better coverage and efficiency. He also has a shield which can block anything which is GREAT against ability immune enemies, and with magus lockdown he can even target demolysts and stop them. and he also has the increased damage output. Why would I use vauban when his abilities are covered by magus lockdown and when he has no other useful abilities, especially when fighting things like eidolons or bosses, or mini bosses which can’t be CC’d. This is my main problem with vauban. You can do what he does with other frames when you add operator Arcanes, because the operator Arcane are actually more consistent at trapping various targets.
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