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  1. Do you guys feel that gauss is going to take away volt’s niche and with it all of the volt memes over the years? Is there really a need for 2 different speed warframes? i personally find if you go too fast you just clip scenery all the time anyway, I’m not really a volt person, I like his shield, and his 4 is ok, but I’m not sure how this new warframe will play out seeing as though there is already a classic speed warframe in the game.
  2. Yeah I’m not really a farmy person because the games boring and repetitive after you obtain everything, excavation missions literally make me fall asleep now, and it’s annoying because I need 9000 for vauban, but that’s 90 nodes and standing there doing nothing for 2 minutes then moving to a new location and putting batteries in and then waiting another 2 minutes is absolutely the best gameplay I have ever seen in my life. I wish I could buy cryotic so I can go to bed. I only want him for the rework, he’s really bad, but I want him ready for when he gets the same love wukong just got.
  3. The words ‘Octavia’ and ‘weak’ aren’t in the same library, let alone on the same page.
  4. I mean, it’s only ancient because they decided to double cross themselves, they said that CC was a brain dead system and didn’t suit the theme of the game, as it’s not an MMO game it’s an action shooter, and it made the game ridiculously easy just holding up all the enemies in a huge area became so impossibly meta that there was no challenge left in the game, but then that ate into the open world updates even further, despite having weak enemies on paper, you can’t hold up all the enemies because they are more spread out, so vauban fell even further down the rankings since you need strength duration and range and efficiency simultaneously. Then they slowly started adding CC immune enemies to closed game types like disruption, where apparently operator arcanes can trap even the toughest enemies, and warframe cc powers are totally diminished. What’s more I can fit this Arcane on an inaros/rhino with a meta melee build and I become vauban when I need to be, and essentially a better warframe for actual gameplay the rest of the time. In order for vauban to see any light of day, he needs to be extremely versatile, being able to counter the biggest threats, using high tech shielding, some cc, but probably with a focus on area denial, and damage that’s not only able to target any mob but is able to output as much damage as wukong now, which is a good ammount. He should use the enemies strength to his advantage in some way, similar to octavia.
  5. I understand, but part of the essential design aspects to mirage is that in exchange for the insane buffs, you have to in a sense be a slave to the environment. Mirage is a reactive warframe, you have to act AND react, and I think that this rework would remove that aspect. I don’t enjoy how completely inconsistent the lighting is with the perceived lighting, which is why I think it needs to emit a UI dark cloud for every registered dark zone within 15m , but when you rework something you have to remember what the playstyle of the warframe is, if you look at wukong, they kept his playstyle intact with the clone, and the 2-3 and buffed his 4, with this I feel too much of the drawbacks of mirage would be removed and people would just use her like old chroma. I do agree though that this ability is inconsistent and feels unfinished and is a pain to play.
  6. You can’t have insane damage reduction AND insane damage output at the touch of a button, it has to have some drawbacks. With mirage you have to use the environment and play around a little, find a dark area, then find a light area, if this was more consistent she would be great, it’s an active playstyle, she has to move but she has to play her moves wisely.
  7. Her problem is that she used to float on the virtue that she was for “pro players” that could benefit from her damage and know how to play whilst totally vulnerable in return. She was totally barebones. now her niche has died since this gameplay is impossible in the new content. New enemies are imune to debuffs... so let me get this straight... I can’t cast my damage on any future enemies? Okay, I’ll just take rhino, self buff my damage and then use his tanking to further buff me. That’s like .... better .... she suffers from the game out growing her, she had her place as the pro endurance frame but now the game has changed. Nothing worth damaging can be damaged with sonar and therefor there’s no reason to take on her weaknesses...
  8. No just add environment FX to dark areas like with equinox’s mend. If I know where the dark areas are I don’t care, it’s the fact that some light areas are portrayed as dark that makes her inconsistent.
  9. This is actually really easy to implement! 1. Remove Magus Lockdown from the game. 2. Make warframe ability CC actually work again on all enemies instead of saving the harder enemies for exclusive operator arcanes which require THE SAME amount of input to make them work as warframe abilities, but seem to magically stop or slow down things like demolysts and mini bosses, which are supposedly not meant to be effected by CC????? Hmm ok. People wonder why vauban is so irrelevant? It’s because every player now has a pocket vauban strapped to their wrists.
  10. Firstly the ash and Ivara thing I thought of: Ash has: extra bleed, short invisibility, single target finisher damage, and a mediocre damage dealing 4, armour shred with augment. Ivara has: Toggle invisibility, finisher damage, a decent damage dealing exhaled 4, another emergency layer of invisibility, extra crit power, puts enemies to sleep, can distract enemies. Can guide projectiles to targets with damage multiplication. So... if I want to do a token “ash survival” where I do what ash is famous for, is there absolutely any reason to not take Ivara instead? Secondly this is how the game is designed now: 1. DE release new enemies. 2 DE remember, oh guys! Make sure ash can’t teleport them or this will be super easy. 3. Ash slides down and down further into the old content. I would love to see ash get some work done far in the future after ember/vauban, since the more enemies they add that are immune to his 3, the more he falls out of relevance. it used to be that ash was a slow killer but he had the power to take anything out of the game. Every single update seems to single out ash and for good reason, but that leaves him kinda pointless. If he isn’t going to be able to use finishers on any new content, I’d like to see that power perhaps revisited? For me it’s just another one of those instances of how the game has built layers upon layers of convoluted rules and balance changes which make everything extremely bloated.
  11. You can keep it up because you can just recast since there’s no incentive to build damage that early anyway.
  12. Hopefully she has a full octave this time, and they manage to sort out clashing music somehow. It’s impossible to make any good music.
  13. 83% of all wildlife has been reduced on earth in the time that humans have reigned, only 25% of the world is now untouched by humans. That’s going to fall to 20% by the time the next generation reach adulthood. I propose that we release some exculsive skins that celebrate endangered animals and give 50% of the profits to their rescue charities! Rhino=Rhinos! Wukong=Orangutans! Valkyr=Leopards/big cats! Frost=Polar Bears! What do you guys think of this idea?
  14. My change is simple: This is really easy to implement. Firstly each tick of spores has a maximum damage potential of 20% of the enemy health, which means, a level 10 enemy would take 5 ticks of damage for it to die, instead of being completely nuked away and new players not being able to encounter an enemy in their mission. A level 50 enemy would take far less than 20% of its health per tick of spores unless that has been raised significantly over time with the damage increase. As your damage builds you would not encounter the cap at all above level 45, which is where saryn becomes most balanced. She is most broken in low levels, and this change ensures that she doesn’t kill too fast without completely clearing entire maps. I think 5 ticks of damage over time is a fair minimum to take at any level. Of course this poses a problem because this removes the flaw of killing too fast being a punishment for her, making her spores die off early! But a good counter for this is to increase the percentage by 1% per successful integer of damage increase, this means that at higher levels the risk of building too fast is still there, but this is rarely seen in low level as enemies die out too fast anyway. Eventhough I’m against nerfing saryn, I agree that I’m low level missions she is extremely effective, and this is a way to ensure she doesn’t completely expose new players to missions where a single enemy won’t be visible for them.
  15. Yeah so me and DEmegan are rocking the same sneakers so I guess I’m either really cool, or I’m just wearing women’s sneakers.
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