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  1. The worst part about current infested is how the spawn pods from boilers and whatever somehow spawn infested grineer and corpus units. How? where do the helmets, boots and armor come from?
  2. I hope it's broken. that means there's chances of fixing it
  3. Yeah, agreed. This doesn't really feel like an intentional decision. If the numbers on the wiki are what it was originally, having it go from 6.7 shots per second to 1.67 shots per second feels like a really drastic change for a nerf. Should we treat this issue as if it were a bug?.
  4. But it can't really be used for status, since it has 2% chance. The point of this weapon IS damage, and it fails tremendously at that. It should be able to at least get a few kills here and there to help level up the companions.
  5. I swear, a fire rate of 1.67?? It's supposed to fire fast. I just finished building wyrm and was quite baffled at how much his gun sucks. Did someone at DE get drunk one day and accidentally put the number for reload speed in the fire rate variable or something?
  6. When I stealth kill corpus crewmen with fang, their torso elongates before the kill animation, making them taller. It's very noticeable.
  7. Your thoughts on this topic are well thought out, but as you said, they are your own thoughts and not the OP's. None of what you said was implied, at least properly, in his post. It's unfair to expect others to see beyond what is expressed. Did you talk with him? How can you be sure that what you are saying is what he meant?
  8. He may elaborate, but he doesn't elaborate enough where the concept is something to be digged, or where its addition would be a clear improvement to the game. Because I want to be fair, I'll go through his post, break it up and point out my issues. First off, what enemies? All enemies? Will killing this grineer grunt give me points toward a certain end of the karma spectrum? If so, am I supposed to avoid certain types of missions where I can't be stealthy, such as excavation and survival, if i want to keep my character firmly planted in one extreme? Fact is, sometimes (read: most of the time) you can't decide wether or not to kill your enemies. Tacking a morality system to simple kills is going to hobble gameplay. Secondly, not helping allies. What if you, just, can't? Are we supposed to lose karma if an ally dies in a spot where our squishy frames can't revive them? Again, sometimes, it's not a decision. And really, if this system spurs people to not help allies in order to get bad boy points, then shoot me dead, what a bad system. So, basically the storylines where you do decisions, but repeatable and farmable. there's not much to pull from here. The story quests are fine because you do them once, if you need to establish your character's alignment (I remembered how it's called). No trace of a hint of how they will be different? no? Do we, I dunno, get different enemies when the karma is at different points? different objectives? Defense turns into surprise assasination? What is Bad appearance? Stalker cosplay? Does the color picker limit itself to black, grey and red if we've been naughty? Do you want to make DE make different models for the warframes that shift according to karma? (btw that's never going to happen, too much work for DE for too small a reward) Elaborate. Appearance changes how? What's an adventure? What does this mean? Why would the syndicates be divided? Why would we join bad people? And how do they know we've been good or bad? May vary? Do we, i dunno, get more credits but less resource drops if we're bad? Do civilians refuse to award us with gifts because we cleared out a grineer galleon instead of sneaking through, even though nobody loves the grineer? Again. How do they know what we've been up to? Karma is not the same as reputation. This is an important bit. You see a random person walking down the street, you can't know what sins or good deeds he has commited. You can judge them a bit regarding their appearance but beyond that, not much. Interactions? do we have to pray emote after every stealth kill to get good karma instead of bad? Do we get to do a thing where we steal resource drops from squadmates? This could use elaboration. This really does not sound fun. At all. The game is already pretty random as is, now we can't trust the difficulty levels? Awaiting that explanation, but why in the void would the Tenno join the Stalker? Just because we've been bad, the guy decides to be buddy-buddies? ...That's not how being enemies works, as you can guess. If anything, maybe being insanely good would turn the stalker away from his crusade, let him see that perhaps the mrrder of the orokin was justified.
  9. You can't really call us out on our lack of creativity when all I see in your post is the repetition of good/neutral/bad without elaborating on the implications of what that means for each bullet point. 'Insert Name' certainly does not help either.
  10. We all are aware of the need for more invested variety. Just look at the Grineer and their variants; they have normal, frontier, arid, tusk, drekar and kuva, off the top of my head. The corpus have normal, terra and vapos. But the infested? none of that. They've remained the same since the mutalist enemies were added. But! Before we start to offer high-brow solutions to the lack of infested enemies, before we start busting out notebook scrawlings of mutated aberrations of flesh that would look pretty cool in game, we need to keep in mind that for DE, making new enemies isn't easy nor free. Money, time and effort must be expended to conceptualize, model, animate, program, test, balance and finetune the enemy and it's performance. And after implementing it, they need to "earn" as much if not more than what was spent in the making of an enemy, or else it was a bad investment. (You can infer why DE prefers to add new frames instead of reworking old ones that people have already bought) With that in mind, I believe the best way to approach solving the lack of invested enemies is by looking at what is already there (models, mechanics, concepts) and try to adapt it, repackage it into new enemies, with hopefully lower costs in programming, animating and modeling. And so I make this thread, where I'll post some of my ideas, and hopefully interest you fellow players into coming up with more. New Enemies Fanged Charger: A recolored charger, with its normal blue armor darkened with grime, blood and infested growths. They replace chargers rarely at lower levels and more frequently at high level. They have 20% more hp than the charger, deal 25% more damage on attack, and they have a 75% change to proc slash on hit, meaning they can tick away at your health through shields. Bilious Charger: A charger with the greenish armor of a grineer seeker, with yellow eyes and tumorous, glowing growths on its underbelly. It has 80% more health than the charger and is slightly bigger, but moves 20% slower. On death, they spawn pools of acidic gunk (using the same pits of tar created by the tar mutalist, but recolored) that deal corrossive damage and can eat away armor. These guys would make defending against the infested a riskier affair, since you wouldn't want them to spawn acid right on top of the objective. Spur Charger: A counterpart to the eximus units, this charger shares the model of the Bilious charger, but with orange armour, slightly crimson flesh and blood red growth. They have 100% more hp than a charger and move 25% slower. On hit, they have an increased chance to proc puncture, aka weakened. but the big thing about them is that on death, they spray nearby infested with energizing blood, giving them short but strong health regen and 50% faster melee attacks. Where in a group of enemies you'd focus down the eximus before dealing with the weaker units, with this enemy you'd want to do the opposite, killing the spur charger once there were less infested to benefit from the buff. Robust charger: Because the infested lack tanks that don't buff other units. This is a big charger with white armour (think from a bombard) that has 200% more hp than a regular charger. Its gimmick/ability is that once its hp falls under 50%, it becomes invincible for a few seconds, increasing its ability to stay in the fight. Note that any leftover damage from a single attack that takes it down past 50%, is heavily reduced down to 20%, meaning that in order to one-hit kill this thing, you'd need to do three times its health in one go. Additionally, this enemy is resistant to staggers, knockdowns, and being ragdolled. Ancient Shepherd: An ancient with dark gray flesh and bright blue tentacles, its coloration evocative of the overgrown plants in the orokin derelict. This ancient doesn't run and lost the ability to pull players in. Instead, this enemy has a ranged attack where it creates psychic, homing shards of energy and sends them slowly towards the player. It also has a second ability where it creates an energy orb and casts it forwards. This orb travels in a straight line and gives a movement speed buff and damage reduction to nearby infested, letting it buff the horde from afar. Enemy Reworks Electric crawler: I find it bothersome to tell these guys apart from the other crawlers. When lights change as often as they do, their different color becomes a non factor. How to change them? Give them a new helmet, preferably one from the newer corpus enemies, with more obvious tech to explain their electric attack. (more to come as I come up with it)
  11. the worst part about all this is the grenade explosions hitting through any and every kind of wall. I mean c'mon. Also, the blast radii are deceptively huge considering the explosion visual.
  12. This is so childishly simple. The 'karma' meter we get in the story is fine because it's not strictly good or bad, white or black. There's more moral nuance. Secondly, with the kind of gameplay WF has, karma has no place in it. Why would I not kill my enemies (who, considering the corpus and grineer, don't really have a moral standing)? Why would I not heal my allies? Just to farm another resource?
  13. nice. you completely disregarded the actual arguments that were given in their post by still calling their point 'faulty'. How about you enlighten us otherwise?
  14. Yeah. whenever you get damaged the edges of your screen flash blue or red depending on damage to shield or health, respectively. (how is that not an audiovisual cue?)
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