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  1. For those who love spy I salute you and thank you for carrying me in sorties. Personally... I’d rather have a child missile drop kick me in the nuts than do a spy.
  2. I just wish that “having to play” meant getting rep, doing sorties and missions and less about running around ESO getting yelled at for holding a bunch of throwing knives I’ll never use again.
  3. This is what I was going for. I mean we all know and want a real rework. This is an idea for a bandaid fix they can do in a Hotfix.
  4. Why not make it 100% status so for now it has a purpose as a limited CC while also making range a bit more valuable as we wait for a proper rework?
  5. Link me a looter shooter or ARPG that has an auction house. Even POE doesnt have one.
  6. Diablo. Three. nuff said. No.
  7. I’m relatively new but I see storms on the horizon. DE can right the ship but it’s trending towards a more toxic playerbase. I believe because: 1. Games with traditionally toxic playerbase are dying. Games like fortnite and world of Warcraft, especially wow, are hemorrhaging players. It’s funny because friends I know who play FF14 are also reporting increased toxicity as the old daycare games are losing players. I’ll admit I’m a wow refugee but I like Frost and Chroma too much which leads to 2. The DPS meta is toxic as well and needs changing. It’s too limiting on frames people can bring without being yelled at by ultra efficiency players (the most toxic of all imo, I’d know I was one in wow) and pressured to play frames you don’t want to because “meta!!!” That’s on DE to fix, and I get that they are working on other things but please DE, do a history search on this kind of stuff in online games and fix it before it’s too late.
  8. I really like the helm but I’m going to nitpick and say the neck is a smudge too high. Oh well
  9. Ion helmet + immortal skin is a neat look. I’m rolling that.
  10. Any way to copy color schemes onto skins? I’d love to see the ion skin with the classic blue white and gold.
  11. It sucks he’s so underwhelming. The art and concept is so cool, and his 1 and 4 can easily be viable with tweaks, but in his current form it’s just... boring. His 2 and 3 are good but just...boring. I guess we get to watch every dev stream and hope.
  12. Please give us a choice of 2 options for the sortie missions. I’d rather do 2 defense missions of 20 waves each over 1 spy mission.
  13. My ideas for mr dragon: For his 1, either A: Turn his 1 into a CC ability. Cold freezes. Fire makes things do a ouch ouch ouch dance, poison makes baddies puke, lightning is a stun or B: have it become a move akin to “ima chargin muh laser!” Where it uses up all your current energy in one go, more energy used stronger the beam. Damage type your element 2 and 3 combined. Seriously. Do it already. New 3: Go all in and make him a melee tank and give him a gap closer with 3 akin to a cleaving dash/hug. Wings come out. Good times. 4. Randomly jumps on a poor sap and eats it. I guess. Or something
  14. There is no force, not the Tenno, not Hunhow, not spacemom, not even a 8 Forma opticor vandal that can defeat wife/husband Aggro.
  15. Id still like to desire to press 1 and 4 on chroma. Would be swell there, DE.
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