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  1. Don’t want to kill your lich? Totally fine. Just let me know and help beat it down 3 times so it will go away, instead of sulking with radio silence and a lich taking up a spawn slot sitting there spouting lines.
  2. Because forums just eventuality become a cesspool of irrational complaints, yelling, and flame wars, and when a dev does jump in the community dogpiles them, so they give up. The players put DE on a pedestal and are freaking out that DE is starting to act like a Bungie, a Blizzard or an Ubisoft as warframe ages. The tendency for gamers to act like virtual Karens is a big double edged sword, as it can lead to needed changes while in times leading to the player base getting tuned out.
  3. I guess since I like hosting I don’t mind being the pilot. It reminds me of an old favorite game of mine: freelancer. Also using void hole against a rock and watching ships crash against it makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I do get the complaints about pugs though. All I want is a competent boarder who understands crew ships are the priority and not playing Space Top Gun with that one fighter in the corner while 3 crew ships poop out more bubbles than someone who ate Taco Bell laced with soap. Oh and I put Vidar carcis as my side guns for the range. They outrange my pilot guns so gunners can hit straggles easier
  4. Something more than just farming for a now 4% drop rate with additional rng rolls item to alleviate the stupidity that is using an item to determine avionics capacity. For a start.
  5. If someone needs a riven to do anything in this game the last thing on the planet they should be doing is calling other people scrubs. Just think of it like that.
  6. Gram Prime and Kroenen Prime. Tempo Royale is fun with combo shifting and chaining
  7. Difficulty can make a game engaging, rewarding and fun, if done right. If you want zero difficulty go watch someone on twitch.
  8. This is why we can’t have nice things. No difficulty is as bad for a game as too much.
  9. Making things bullet sponges that can one shot you isn’t true difficulty. It’s just power creep disguised as difficulty. To make this game more difficult the AI and enemy design needs to drastically change. More varied enemies with more abilities. Better AI that will do more than just bum rush you. Better AI that will use cover, tactics and abilities. Of course then the “muh power fantasy!” People will die. Then cry. So it will be a hard sell.
  10. I guess so if you can’t aim and track enemies. I had zero issue shredding fighters with my Vidar Apocs last night. 3 seconds and dead.
  11. I mean I feel lucky I dodged the cryo nerf (never ran them on my ship so no wasted materials or plat there) but spending all those materials on a weapon only to get a better role next game Is up there with low roll reactor drops on the suck factor.
  12. Not halving materials costs for repairing railjack gear at the same time as removing the reality drone is a puzzling mistake. While the drones might have been pay to win, farming up the 50p was immensely less painful than farming up the exorbitant requirements to repair manually. I just considered 50p per drone some sort of plat sink and went upon my merry way. As of now unless something is top% it’s not worth the risk spending all your resources on something you might replace, thus needing to farm the remainder after scrapping all over again.
  13. If you think this is unique to warframe you must not have played any other game ever. and most likely any fixes are on an internal build, as was alluded to by a dev discussing RJ changes including halving enemy armor values. I would expect a patch released next Tuesday.
  14. Yes full auto rifles suck. But if you want a good non scoped rifle, burst rifles like the Tiberon Prime, Battacor (seriously stop sleeping on this gun) and Sybaris Prime do very well. and nobody uses full auto on a Tibby P unless they are doing lith relic runs.
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