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  1. Why do idiots keep associating “a grind I don’t want to do” with “I don’t want to grind.” If I could grind a damn Redrix (look it up) I can stomach a grind. But forcing this Pokémon crap is not a good, entertaining grind. What DE should do is replace son/daughter/second uncle once removed tokens for ranking up with grandma tokens. Then there is still your precious grind but we can at least pick how we want to go about it.
  2. Ever play destiny 2? I could link you a grind for a gun that makes people’s jaw drop. But it’s also a grind that involves the core mechanics of D2, it’s not some silly mini game completely separated from the core combat loop, and that’s the crux of the issue. People don’t mind grinding. They want a fun grind however, one that involves shooting and swording. Not playing some bad Pokémon ripoff. Personally I’m going to take this crazy slow and log off to play something fun when I get frustrated. it sucks because I really planned on returning to warframe for this patch but now
  3. Games are entertainment. If I’m going to spend the time I have to game either stomaching conservation or enjoying myself in another game, guess what I’m going to do? Of course maybe DE could see the hatred for conservation in this thread and realize it needs to be tuned. Or just deleted. I wouldn’t shed a tear. People don’t mind grinding, hell I play both WF and destiny 2 and in D2 I have a redrix, so I know all about grinding. It’s just for many, including me, conservation is the antithesis of a fun grind.
  4. Completely butchered my interest in the patch. I have to decide if my desire to mod my frames abilities is stronger than my hatred for grindy fishing (why you no give spine cores, spine fish?) and my disdain for that crap conservation minigame. helminth should be on quest completion or at least let us buy the thing. Hiding one of the coolest features of the patch behind fishing and crap.... to quote the great Burton Guster: “come on, son!”
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