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  1. Thanks for update, I found after the update Daikyu - Day of The Dead skin become weird blurred update: but in mission work fine
  2. Oh I can join wrong mission of Syndicate ... at first I didn't notice because it the same type of mission (Spy) I knew it wrong mission sometime but ... what is worst for me ... I spend times finding Medallions ... I notice it weird ... after long session I found nothing .. then I saw enemy level very low O_o ... So I think something is might be wrong ... (at first I think hey maybe it sent me to normal mission .. but .. it is not .. because I have Syndicate guys following me) ok I finish the mission and earn +1k Syndicate point which is totally wrong ... lol I will get 3k+ for my max rank and yep .. that happen to me just now so it sent me to lower rank syndicate mission and my syndicate mission still left for me to do it ... the worst thing of being get sent to wrong mission is Kuva one ... I found many times ... I earn no Kuva at the end it just said I already did it -_-"... what a waste of time ... I find that .. everytime it sent me to wrong mission the map still stay in the right one ... (actually when it happen to me at first I even doubt on myself ... maybe I click the wrong mission .. than it happen so many times ... so I'm sure I did nothing wrong ...) kind of annoying ... but it's ok I knew it massive update .. it can break something ...
  3. during railjack mission GUI still can disappeared sometime (not sure what triggered it might be too quick of repeat access force) it kind of no text/target sign.. I just wonder is it possible to have some command that can refresh whole render / gui stuffs ? I try to teleport between inside ship and the outside (using omni) nothing help try to access slingshot did nothing .... and sometime while using cannon in zoomed mode ... exit cannon can lead to glitch that make railjack's floor disappeared (which make it harder to play especially for one who don't have teleport) also during in space fight with archwing ... sometime it can enter ship or places with archwing enabled with normal weapon ... and if go to space ... and use operator mode ... can walk in space or worst it just fall down to the invisible floor ... (and gravity still enable) (which is easy escape with teleport back to railjack anyway ...) I'm not sure but doubt that you guys didn't have much time to test it before release or already know it but still need to release it and fix later ... I do like railjack except when it bugged and make whole squad waste time and loots ... because just can't finish mission ... Thanks for Fixed and Update
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