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  1. It Gives You The Standing Wen u Did The Challenge, Its Just Another UI Bug
  2. There’s Like Only One Problem With This, The Pronunciation Of Gauss’s Name!
  3. I h8 it how Excavators are always end up with 500 shields and 2500 health regardless of level, their health and shields should be scaling on enemy level
  4. There’s a Difference between the chassis and systems if u look at thm both
  5. I’ve just tried it, turns out u cant get extra loot from Exploiter
  6. Has any1 tried using Desecrate on Exploiter orb? Does it work or no?
  7. How did they not fix that still? Hopefully they see this and sort it out ASAP
  8. How would you all rate Ivara’s Deluxe skin coming to Warframe?
  9. Just Get pretty much Everything from tht syndicate and move to another one
  10. A weapon which is overrated deserves to hve low numbers cuz of how many ppl r using tht weapon
  11. Equip a Syndicate Sigil Corresponding the Syndicate Your Enemies with
  12. Hvent Played Baruuk since I maxed him for Mastery, The rework is definitely needed, Augment Ideas would be cool too
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