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  1. You can do 10 in 1 day, you just need to have 4 syndicates with positive reputation
  2. I played Isolation vault bounties as a client and I noticed the vault doors have 4 Fass symbols when my squad was going for the door
  3. I have primary kitguns to level up for mastery but for some reason I don’t gain any mastery XP
  4. Its been almost 3 weeks since they released that hotfix on PC, when will they ever release that 1 on consoles?!
  5. They’re most likely to spawn if u die in a mission, regardless of how many you’ve converted
  6. Really? I was hoping for the hotfix which involves Necramech mods
  7. I just wanna point out that there’s no foundry Items that requires this Mineral so its kinda pointless spending 1K standing until something gets added in WF
  8. They could’ve just put all rare mods dropped from Necramechs to Loid’s vendor, not the commons, Farming for something that’s rare and could be worth platinum is exactly why we run with Loot frames, All I need is the Necramech Thrusters in which I farmed the T1 Vault and I keep getting both Necramech Vitality and Redirection.
  9. I hope it happens, I can’t farm them Mechs 24/7 just to get rare mods from them, I can take buying the mods with standing being 30K each or higher
  10. False alarm, its just a visual bug
  11. The same bug is happening again where you lose all affinity gained for your Necramech but this time, it happens wen the game doesn’t let you use transference to go back into ur frame, if u die as the operator, the mission fails
  12. You just press the interact button on the samples, if ur doing the bonus objective, make sure u grab atleast 5 samples everytime u put a capsule in the purifier
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