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  1. Clan name: Flame Lord Clan tier: Rank 10 storm Clan Clan platform: XBOX Your Clan role: Founding Warlord (RaGingBAR) The flame lord clan has the honor to present itself at the warframe contest in summer 2019, thanks to its decorator team including trinity leader, lurtz77, saitarumi, mijob and our farmer clan who has collected a phenomenal number of resources and who allowed us to create these decorations. Our dojo is on the edge of the maximum rooms, our dojo with several themes spread over several generations of decorators who are in the clan (type reactors that are almost all decorated and rooms including epic battles between fantastic creatures against heavily armed infantry, or great battles between creatures, labyrinths bringing on immense treasure mars or infested types) Pay attention to the teleporter zenroom mouahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! I will not detail everything, I will let you the pleasure of discovering our dojo and be careful a store could walk there, beware of you tenno Feature image Flame Lord Summer Submission : https://imgur.com/a/giywU9C Flame Lord Summer Clan Submission Video 2019 :
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