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  1. Since login reward weapons are available from Cephalon Simaris, after obtaining them, would you make them sellable from Inventory?
  2. Arcane Farming (compared to tridolons): Scarlet Spear 23x faster Orphix PC 7.5x faster Orphix Console 3.5-4x faster??? I get that we purchase them vs rng rewards, but given that we can get roughly half the max score and the arcane prices aren't adjusted compared to Orphix PC that's a dose of salt. My max score is 21,774. And I thought I was doing it wrong... now I just get to grind double what PC did. Assuming I have time to get extras, the market value appears to be 1/4 the plat value (cursory peak at trade channel vs pc youtube videos). How about adjusting the
  3. Get rid of the wolf beacons. Give us something in the star chart... heck put the wolf in railjack. The random NWcredit/ducat beacons with a 2% drop SUCKS.
  4. Nice update, thank you. I'm going to miss "in cert".... that was a nice reminder to make additional time to play in my schedule. The time between PC and "in cert" was obviously "in dev" for consoles. Looking forward to 2021's new content though.... this update and stuff you've announced.
  5. Quick note. I restarted the game at least 2 times during the first day's fishing trip. Tried to troubleshoot. Also, I've had a the fishing pole stop working and my warframe's position become nonresponsive/stuck. I tried the unstuck chat command but it didn't work. This is a nervous experience after a long fishing (and potentially mining trip). I found that archwing unstuck me both times... followed by a quick flight back to necrolisk and mission end.
  6. Back at it again today. Zero issues in the caves. Dropped bait and glow and just stood on top of 3 different hotspots catching fish. On the surface, I had to do a bit of running around like yesterday and I had about 50% of hotspots perform. All in, this still feels like a bug or there's huge inconsistencies. Got the needed fish parts though.
  7. Been at this for 4+ hours and read/watched a ton of guides. Pretty sure I'm doing this right and it's quite different than deimos launch. There is almost zero spawn rate on fish. Running around i can find fish. Once I clear them, aside from maybe three surface hotspots, I'm getting no respawn. I've used all 4 baits, dye, the fishing sentinel, cat, different frames, stealth... almost nothing at all. I tried to troubleshoot it but its just crazy low. I also unequipped the spear and tried operator mode, based on similar bug reports. Moving to caves... flat zero respawn no matter what I
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