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  1. Just purged some of the inactive buddies and would like to get some new recruits for our small clan. Mature group (30-40 years old), a lot of solo play but no issues helping people and/or explaining the game. Dojo stuff is unlocked. No clan tax. Must have a headset and speak English. Looking for active players. Message "Mharcei" via Xbox or in-game.
  2. When is the pet rework coming? Cats are useful (please don't nerf). Moas have bad pathing but have some range. Kubrows are kinda junk. Sentinels at least stay with you and provide set bonuses... I really want the Hounds to work... some interesting abilities but they do very little damage and can't tank something as easy as a Neptune void storm. There's some dire need for survivability beyond basic star chart (especially for survival, interception, defense, etc.). Additionally, we have all these pet weapons and, while some are good (verglas), it's basically a death sentence for most pets. Kinda weird to fit no/unranked Assault Mode.
  3. Sisters Update Bug Report Mega Thread doesn't load anymore so I'm putting this in here. Just finished farming some holokeys in order to purchase a Tenet Grigori with 38% status. Upon going into Arsenal to valence fusion it with my existing weapon, I discovered it was now 28% (both when hitting "X" to preview and also on the fusion modal screen). 😕 A) I may be misunderstanding the purchase process. If the preview with Ergo is base status% plus an element AND THEN the bonus% is random at purchase... that seriously needs to be better communicated. B) If the 38% is what I should have received, I'd appreciate someone helping me out with the missing 10%. .... much salt in the holokey wounds. Full stop on holokey farming/purchases until that that bug is fixed. I have screenshots if helpful. Purchased the 38% item maybe 15 minutes ago.
  4. When logging in, the updated theme music for the expansion (drums, ramping up crescendo) is incredibly loud. After load screen, but before one presses the "A" button. Please fix this in sound production, during sound design, or adjust the music to play after pressing "A" or something similar. I'm incredibly sick of turning the volume down on my TV to near mute when I start the game and then having to bring it back up to play the game -- and then turning it up more to do Disruption missions. And then, for whatever reason, I need to re-log and I have the repeat the process or get blasted with 3s of speaker-blowing volume. This actually pisses me off about the game atm (10/10 mad - as it can damage my speakers, sends the pets running, and wakes the family up). 😒 Clarification: after first "A" and Sisters backdrop, before second "A" (which loads your character)
  5. Railjack > Saturn > Grineer Skirmish (I was doing the void storm)> Kill Captain (2nd yellow objective) > 75%+ of circular doors in the ship This is an issue for weapon levelling (e.g. kuva grattler) as one needs to constant jump out of the mech to progress OR one simply skips all the mobs and just kills the Captain. Also, slows down holokey farming -- depending on how one does it.
  6. Title is kind of self explanatory. Her left pistol is barely at her fingertips and the the right is off a little.
  7. when moving the cursor up from Cambion Drift to Necralisk, there is some overlap in the click boxes. It is possible to hover over the lower part of the Necralisk word and launch Drift... a bit annoying and I assume this could be fixed by just moving the CDrift click box down a little (instead of altering the map).
  8. Just ran 20 missions and got keys on only the 20th mission (and 22nd and ~25th). Ooofta rng hates me. Four different sectors... second run like this too. Only Ice Mines dropped them. Can you reduce sevigoth and epitaph drops? Or can you put differing amount of keys in the table (like endo in other missions). The only reason I'm running these is keys, endo, and to level k.grattler (latter doesn't feel like its holding up in Veil btw). Everything else railjack is done. I'm ok w grinding the game but this feels worse than Destiny raids for armor in terms of time/progress. My 2c
  9. What the??? /facepalm Just stop streaming and put the crew to work on bug fixes.
  10. - new tennocon gunblade's melee counter uses the old count stacking. Needs to be brought in line w Redeemer, etc.
  11. Starting in navigation > select sister shortcut at the bottom > parazon (y button) > arsenal... then exit parazon (b button), exit arsenal (b button) > exit sister screen (b button) > standing at "arsenal" I expect to be standing at "navigation" at the end instead of arsenal. Or just have us exit arsenal and be standing at arsenal, instead of the extra sister screen. The whole point of using the shortcut is to not have to travel to the arsenal... when you exit arsenal, you want to be at navigation.
  12. Last post here before tennocon: - overall. I enjoy Sisters. Good speed to completion. They can be difficult. I like the aggressive hounds. Spectres are a nice touch. Sister/lich planets and assassination mission is nice and a plus for matchmaking. Great work on tenet weapons (guns and melee). Ergo + fusion is some grinding but missions go fast enough. - liches still feel like grind (likely the number of thralls needed) - I think the heavy attack on the tenet sword/shield needs punch through or QA. Seems to get blocked by handrails and little stuff, which takes some fun away. - I've notice issues getting candidates to spawn with Golden hands near the end of missions (~250m). Minor issue but calling it out. Seems like candidates spawning in unreachable floor tiles has been fixed, thank you. - obligatory rng complaint for candidate weapons. Hoping DE doesn't do this large grab bag outside liches/sisters again. I can't get the detron and my buddy can't get the arca. /rant.done - i very much do not like the completed hound filling my foundry (aside from detron, I'm well into doing fusions). Shortcut to sell them? Some sort of queue to pull them from the pet machine in the orbiter? What if they perma-death if not rezzed in missions? Just ideas to get to a solution. - (edit) cmd10 Rook's dialogue is hilarious 5stars on that. (edit) there's a weird little delay right after the paragon and before convert/vanquish shows for Sisters -(edit) some railjack ideas: use solar rails to travel between rooms of ships, run a blockade with a stolen grineer ship from the hangar, survey a location without detection or kill scouts before they report in, assassinate an ace pilot/squadron (grustak3), mine/loot an area/wreckage before enemy backup arrives, dock grineer crewship with detonation and escape a base before it blows, and detect an enemy spy ship by hacking frontier beacons and then engage. - (edit) also thank for the adjustment to tenet fusion overlays. They work great 👍 - (edit) is diple aimed-seeker shot doing the intended damage. Trying to use it and it just doesn't seem worth it. Kind of expecting it to insta-kill low end enemies.
  13. Last post for me in this thread. - still don't like Yarelli (mainly used in defenses since linear movement was clunky). Basically MR fodder. 2 should be exalted gear w mods and synergise w existing kdrives - trail, trick, are damage mods *might* add something... since they're pointless on kdrive race/trick standing runs . The fix for 1 isn't what i would've done (str increasing bubbles instead of flat qty increase) but it's ok now. 3 needs something impacted by range. 4 is just messy cc spam (hydroid: high five). - i don't see water blades going on other frames in helminth without not having to stand at point blank range and dance to keep them in the circumference. - no kompressor, no feedback... wait there's no signature weapon bonus?????!
  14. She's still MR fodder. Probably not even staying in inventory. - why a kdrive frame and you can't use mods? Got to max rank vent kids and can't even use the meager damage mods. I was expecting those mods to see some sort of useful update... smh. Missed opportunity. Get that kdrive in the gear wheel. She doesn't even parallel the kdrive part of the game. - 3 needs range or range- determined thickness. - can you take the durability from her kdrive and make it a new 2? I hate that she basically has to be on her kdrive to have damage reduction. Or flip disability and passive, so crit is on the kdrive.
  15. So weird, just had Vand Cluster (saturn) void storms lose its void storms mid-mission. I killed all enemy ships first. Launched from the void storm menu. Im 100% maxed railjack. First time this has happened. /shrug
  16. While I feel Liches are much the same grind and I feel Yareli was a "miss," I am actually really enjoying Sisters (the hunt, tbd the weapons). Here are some thoughts: - Still too many thralls to kill, which makes it feel like it's still a grind. (I have all the old weapons and have done multiple fusions). I'm not looking forward to getting the three new guns. Probably the last thing I'll do from the update tbh. - Sisters dialogue is a bit repetitive but that can be improved with time and updates. Happy they aren't "whiney." - Spectres are a nice touch. Love the aggressive dogs (tbd opinion on powerfulness) - There's a weird thing in the assassination mission, after killing the Sister, she orders torpedoes on the railjack. That could be fixed or just removed/blocked. - I like the new universal requiem mod being 25% (not always available) - what are we supposed to do with all these corpus dogs in our foundry after we have leveled the three and dont want them? Buy 2 slots to sell them doesn't seem intended. - Sisters and helminth invigor' feel like the best part of the update. Thank you for railjack and fusion bug fixes as well.
  17. 1) cyberpunk launch 2) yareli 3) mass effect 3 ending ??? Like that bad - Yareli: K-drive should be kit, total lack of ability synergy is frankly beyond puzzling, abilities having no increase with ability str/rng is even more puzzling, can't use most your weapons, no steel path durabilty, and who QA'd the level mobility? - *make the kdrive like necramechs/archwing use in missions (not always available) and gear wheel. Get a new 2nd ability. Make the kdrive a signature piece of gear. - *range of 3 neds to increase w range, even if by calculation and different in helminth. Range could make the circle thicker. Holding enemies in the narrow band and at edge of cc range doesn't make sense. - *damage reduction for steel path needs to be up in the 90% range, even before accounting for her close range abilities. - *4 needs to cc into a pile after spout otherwise its counter-productive to use it and just slowing the mission down. - *scale 1s str to increase bubble count with recast delay - *INCREASE damage output. Pets do more damage than 3 - The comic book quest thing was good. Enjoying Sisters fights. Liches still feel "meh, grind... can't wait for it to be done." I like the kuva nemesis assassination/planets. Cmd10 crew is #omgwthPRICEYbbq. Obligatory whine about rng (holokeys), spectral vandal felt easier but I'll roll with my bad rng and side-eye you for 30k endo galvanized mods.
  18. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: In a group (4), from Dojo, and running Hydra for Sisters candidates. Upon eliminating the candidate and generating a new sister, if one launches Hydra again to get another Sister for someone else in the group, the candidate will not generate. The person, who previously eliminated the candidate, must leave the dojo, go through the Sister intro (fade to blue and dialogue), and then be reinvited to the group. EXPECTED RESULT: The Sister intro should occur in the dojo, the same as the orbiter. This will allow the group to continue without disbanding members and invites.
  19. Type: in game Description: accidentally selected railjack revolted tool on gear wheel during a Neptune mission. Result: froze game for about 5s and then crashed xbox (!!!). Console turned off requiring full restart.
  20. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: parvos larva under floor and inaccessible (mission: hydra) REPRODUCTION: based on spawn EXPECTED RESULT: need to be able to kill and preview weapon OBSERVED RESULT: checked all rooms and cannot reach it REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 of 3 so far... got 1 to essentially unstuck itself into another room by accessing the lower level of an adjacent room. 2nd time resulted in failed attempt and rerun mission. Larva Image: http://imgur.com/gallery/IQY1XsI Also, Treasurer Image: http://imgur.com/gallery/6nTmlbh
  21. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTIONS: 1) kuva grattler appears twice in user profile > archguns (easily seen is sorted by progress). Should only be once. 2) new universal requiem mod appears in loot but doesn't increase in inventory (i may have missed notes on limit of one at a time) 3) when visiting Ergo the button in the lower right (i assume to purchase) is entirely blank. 4) galvanized mods don't sort correctly (compared to other menus) when "hide owned" is toggles at arbiters. Example, after purchase, they should disappear if now owned. 5) thank you for the fix to the valence fusion preview text. Anyway to add the %element back in? (Minor)
  22. Tried to see if this was listed in the bug fixes for the Sisters update but the accordion box for the notes is blank. PLEASE fix this asap (Tuesday Sisters launch)... Major issue with both prepping for Sisters and will impact the new tenet weapons. I've screwed up 2 gun elements now as well. Very frustrating this couldn't have been hotfixed over the last month, especially while hotfixing Dog Days........
  23. DE gun/melee balance: "Here's a bunch of stuff to grind, after you finish the star chart. New players, keep using melee. Buy drop chance boosters. Look at all these new timers!" Me: "I wish there was more of a point to relays and Iron Wake. The steel essence nerf is too heavy. Get rid of the 1 mission/hr arbitration limit. Why can't the new arcanes be tied to Sisters? Where's the third orb? Smeeta charm icons suck." Smh
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