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  1. Toxic Lash applies toxin damage to all weapons but this doesn't seem to count towards NW challenge. Meanwhile just applying normal mods to create toxin only damage, it does apply. Toxic Lash used to work but now it doesn't so something's changed.
  2. Like a dozen other threads, DE needs to wake up about this. DE pls make "Hold melee button for heavy attack" an option. DE pls make "Hold melee button for heavy attack" an option. DE pls make "Hold melee button for heavy attack" an option. There's already a heavy attack button for heavy attacks. This should have been a toggle in the first place.
  3. This needs to be an option. Since Melee 3.0, the melee button can easily interpret spamming E to "Hold E" which triggers heavy attack and removes your entire combo meter while locking you into a stupid animation. This is really bad for a number of stances that don't focus on heavy attack. The heavy attack already has a dedicated key to it these days...there's no reason to not have this option. Worse, you can't do a air to ground heavy attack holding your default melee key because ??? who knows. It only works with the dedicated heavy attack key. Just another reason why we should have an option for this. Its one of the things that melee 3.0 was supposed to address, allowing you to melee the way you want, but this created a new issue which is being discussed here. So please, make an option for whether your primary melee key triggers a heavy attack on hold.
  4. Yes liches are still poorly implemented but not from DE's perspective. They created more grind than ever before and that's good for business. The entire slide crit and critical builds for melee are still so terrible even with the buffs. They even talk about how Blood Rush outscales the crit mods...yet they dont address the real problem at all. DE just want to admit they made a mistake and these are bandaids. Bloodrush with gladiator set on Gram Prime = 419% crit Bloodrush with gladiator set + Sac Steel (220%) = 489% crit That's a +70% from 220%! Look how inefficient that is. And its on top of already a 400% crit. Its totally worthless. Sure this makes crit mods without bloodrush much better, but any way you combine it with gladiator or bloodrush, it only adds 70%. The only time this thing is even worth anything at 220% crit is when you put it on as the only modifier. In which a Gram Prime gets 102% crit from 32%. In Melee 3.0 where combo meter is easier to level up, there's still no reason to use sacrificial crit by itself when 6x combo gets you more crit than the entire mod combined using just gladiator at 5 pieces or bloodrush.
  5. Avss

    Large List of Bugs.

    Redeemer prime has 24% crit chance. With a 50% gladiator set bonus + bloodrush 60%, at 12x combo multiplier, you will get 314% crit, which is red crit territory on all hits. And yes, I tested this and also discovered even MORE issues. Major bugs below Gladiator buff does get "consumed" when firing the weapon, all red crits (with bloodrush at 12x). The next shot should only use Blood Rush bonus (more on this in a sec), resulting in only yellow crits (expected 182% crit chance with blood rush alone, result = 24% crit, so broken in TWO ways. I discovered BloodRush bonus is also BUGGED for this weapon (or I hope only for this weapon due to the unique way redeemer prime is eating the buff). I did not test the redeemer but it probably affects that weapon too and any gun blade for that matter (sarpa). The second bug here is that once gladiator set bonus is "consumed" "gone missing/whatever", Blood Rush is which should at 182% have some orange crits, gets NONE after a repeated test of 500+ shots. Worse, I tested this without gladiator set bonus. After reaching 12x to get 182% crit, the first shot got orange crits 82% of the time, the second shot always got 0 orange, and 24% yellow. This means that Redeemer (again the only thing I tested this on because of OP's report), also "consumes" bloodrush crit bonus resulting in 0%, yes ZERO, bonus. I also tested this every step from 2x to 12x, and what happened was as soon as you "shoot" the redeemer, you lose the bonus even if you climb from 2x to any higher step. Not sure about decay here because I didn't use the focus tree for testing. Also, gladiator buff stops going up as soon as the combo meter goes to 12x. This means gladiator set bonus does not have its own combo meter internally and if the combo meter caps at 12x, it will stop at 2x or 3x or whatever it's at immediately. This wouldn't be a problem if gladiator buff randomly disappears because redeemer is firing. You don't have to wait for it to "decay", the gladiator set bonus buff only comes back when the combo meter changes in either direction (going from a lower combo to a higher one, or a higher one to a lower one via decay), so eg. 2x to 3x will make the blood rush meter appear as "2x" when the combo meter is at "3x". Or when the combo meter goes from 12x to 11x, the bloodrush meter will reappear as "10x" for 11x combo meter. Blood rush display or buff is possibly bugged, sometimes if you raise your combo meter too fast, instead of reaching 11x blood rush buff, it caps at 10x even though you have 12x combo meter. Blood rush display vs combo meter display is confusing. Blood Rush displays the multiplier as if it was treated as "200% x1" while combo meter displays the multiplier as if it was "200%". So combo meter caps at 12x while blood rush caps at 11x. TLDR: 1. Gladiator buff disappears on gun fire of redeemer prime plus various associated buffs and display confusion 2. Blood rush buff is also consumed on first gun shot and requires you to completely reset the combo meter to regain the bonus.
  6. 1. Why nerf Catchmoon only to continue powercreeping newer weapons every single time? 2. Make melee crit be worth a damn, it already takes 6 mods to set it up, meaning you get almost no freedom of choice, so why did it get nerfed so hard? Undo the bloodrush change and re-scale it with the new combo system. Your balance designer has made crit chance mods useless. 3. Why stealth nerf Wukong Iron Staff's range? Is this even intentional? If you are nerfing Primed Reach for a exalted weapon who's range grows on combo, at least ensure the growth is adjusted so that it's equal to pre-melee 3.0. Its complete bullS#&$ that you claimed on the patchnotes that Iron Staff wasn't touched at all other than adding heavy attacks and parry angle. 4. Valence Transfers should add a flat 5% elemental bonus to your existing same weapon so that bad drops are still useful until you hit the cap. 5. Heavy attacks are still worthless and the mods that support it including combo efficiency are still dead in the water due to how many melee mods you need for anything other than the meta builds. 6. Still no relics dropping from Kuva Flood Rescue missions. Are rescue missions a joke to you or is this just something you ignore on purpose as a tax on player's time?
  7. Isn't it obvious? They removed kuva drops because people were getting too many rewards from doing liches. They removed this group aspect because they want people to take much more time when doing liches. The entire game is a timesink grind. And this lich thing is a fantastic example of a bunch of extra steps to get some loot. 5 forma to get mastery rank of each weapon LOL. Doing RNG siphons to get RNG relics to get RNG fissure rewards to get RNG codes for each lich to get RNG weapon drop. No need to be nice about it.
  8. Still no fix for: 1. Kuva Flood rescue not dropping a relic even with 100% drop chance. Even after 3 hotfixes and dozens of reports 2. Wukong's Iron Staff range has been halved while not mentioned in patch notes. Max range is 6m...same as other weapons even with 12x combo, completely negating the fact its range is supposed to increase with combo meter.
  9. Another Kuva Flood Rescue, another missing relic with no drops.
  10. Once again Kuva Flood Rescue = no relic. No fix in sight either.
  11. 623 kuva rewarded No relic drop (considering its a flood at supposedly 50% heh). After finishing this, we checked the drop down and there was a new Kuva Flood Rescue. Kuva Flood Rescues are bugged where you dont get the relic. I did it anyways just to check if it was STILL BUGGED and we got no relic because its STILL BUGGED.
  12. Please fix Gladiator mod set. Please fix Kuva Flood Rescue missions not dropping relics. Please fix Wukong's Iron Staff. It lost nearly all its range.
  13. I just completed more testing on Gladiator Set bonus being broken.
  14. Edit: Ok didn't realize a few people have reported this. Leaving this thread up since it has the most testing done. I tested this with and without bloodrush. I also tried testing this with mods on the warframe, on deconstructor, and on the weapon itself. Every single test resulted in the same outcome, crits stayed yellow, and did not increase at all even though combo meter was at 12x. I was wondering why things felt off. Details below: I tested this with both Rhino (Frame A) without gladiator mods on frame or deconstructor. As well as Wukong (Frame B) with a up to 5 mod bonus (50% crit per combo multiplier). The weapon I tested was Gram Prime. How I modded it: Berserker, Fury, Quickening, Weeping Wounds, Relentless Combination, Drifting Contact. The last two mods I switched around depending on the test (with or without Bloodrush A/B, with or without Gladiator Rush) Bloodrush A - 43.6% chance per combo meter Rhino Bloodrush A - 183% crit expected, result: same as expected, mostly orange, rest yellow WORKING Bloodrush A + 10% gladiator set bonus - 218% crit expected, result: mostly orange, rest yellow, no red crits BUGGED Bloodrush A + 20% gladiator set bonus - 253% crit expected, result: mostly orange, rest yellow, no red crits BUGGED Wukong Bloodrush A - 183% crit expected, result: same as expected, mostly orange, rest yellow WORKING Bloodrush A + 10% gladiator set bonus - 218% crit expected, result: mostly orange, rest yellow, no red crits BUGGED Bloodrush A + 20% gladiator set bonus - 253% crit expected, result: mostly orange, rest yellow, no red crits BUGGED Bloodrush A + 50% gladiator set bonus - 361% crit expected, result: mostly orange, rest yellow, no red crits BUGGED All of these tests yieled basically the same result. No red crits, despite 200%+ 300%+ crit from the crit calculation. Of course using Bloodrush B would result in even higher expected crit. At this point I took off Bloodrush and focused on only Gladiator set bonus to see if it even works. Rhino No bonuses - 32% crit expected, result: yellows and white hits 50% gladiator bonus - 208% crit expected, yellows and whites, no orange hits BUGGED Bloodrush B - 243% crit expected, result: half red crits, rest orange crits, WORKING And thus, I concluded that Bloodrush is working, but Gladiator Set bonus is BUGGED. 1. It doesn't work even if used on frame only 2. It doesn't work used on melee weapon only 3. It doesn't work used on deconstructor only 4. It doesn't work in any combination of the above 3 5. It doesn't work at 10%, 20% or 50%. So if you suddenly felt that your gladiator melee build that you put a ton of work into isn't doing what it used to but your exalted weapon or melee weapon didn't get touched damage wise...this is why. Edit: So it has come to my intention some people are passing this off as "not a bug" and that DE intentionally "fixed" this build. I would like to point out that actually USING mods on your FRAME and WEAPON also result in NO BENEFIT from the SET BONUS for said WEAPON or EXALTED WEAPON. It simply doesn't work period for the set bonus. You still get the mod bonus like +6s from Gladiator Rush though. Edit: Some people have argued that this isn't a big investment. Some of the gladiator builds that are used for endgame require FOUR different items that need formaing; FRAME, WEAPON, SENTINEL, SENTINEL WEAPON. It can easily take more than 10 forma to get this build where it needs to be, or much more depending on what you're trying to accomplish.
  15. No, because some others have gotten the bug on manual mission select from planet. I really think half of the issues might be due to rescue missions like you pointed out.
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