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  1. Yup, completely broken. If they intend to remove the autotargeting on purpose, then archmelee range should be like at least +10x what it is now.
  2. Meh, this post is a lie, I watched Prime Time anyway.
  3. 1st lure is charged by someone standing at the fork-like hills in front of Cetus and attracting vomvs. Trin brings +2 lures for Tera fight, so that there are 3 charged lures by the end, so that you don't need to worry about Gantu not being held down. Somewhere in between, people often get all 6 lures up. And keep them alive with Blessing.
  4. If you go Volt with a Crit Chance Riven on your Rubico, then you can put down your own Shields to boost your Crit Damage, making the Crit Damage/Multishot stuff not mandatory at all. If you want to go Unairu Chroma, I hear the real trick involves something with combo management, no idea what that's about.
  5. Specifically, when you pass through the last gate too fast, then SOMETIMES it doesn't seem to count it, and you get less score than you should be. This is a pain when you're aiming for the top and you had a perfect run, and for whatever reason you get 400 less points than expected.
  6. Didn't you watch the devstream? 🤔 Kuva Lich system will be bleeding all over your map so you know that you should care about it. Then Kuva Lich will steal your loot (and you can only get MOST of it back but NOT all of it when you defeat them - potentially so you'll have an incentive to care about the bleeding nodes and HOPEFULLY get your Ephemera blueprint back). Then Kuva Lich will haunt you in missions like syndicates / stalker / etc, except they have fancy finisher animations if they can kill you. And in order to properly kill the Kuva Lich, you need to use the new system "Parazon Immortal Mods" where you must combine 3+ immortal mods (that you had to farm from somewhere) in a given arbitrary/random order that RNG gave you when it spawned your Kuva Lich, and you have to do guess-work to figure out whether you successfully put together the correct random order of immortal mods or not, potentially never seeing your loot again unless you manage to set up the right mod order over the span of 10+ missions where you actually managed to encounter the Kuva Lich (for which you had to farm the bleeding map nodes to increase the spawn rates) You can't use your "powerful builds" for it, you have to mess around with the Parazon mods and hope for the best (whether you successfully kill it or not, and whether you get your rare loot back or not). 🙄 So it's not about build optimization, it's about micro-managing your Parazon until the next Stalker Kuva Lich attack, where the condition for success is 100% randomized, and potentially also depends on whether you were lucky to find the immortal mod you actually need to kill it. In short, you're forced to gamble for your loot, AFTER successfully getting it out of the RNG machine's 1% chance of an ephemera / braton vandal blueprint or a 0.1% of a condition overload. You think you got it? Nope gotta kill the Kuva Lich first (why else would you want to farm the immortal mods? 3k MR? Although tbh I'd do it for the MR, I don't like the idea of this kind of "forced" incentive at all to slow down your progress)
  7. Kuva Liches literally steal your loot, I don't expect this to be fun at all. Imagine Kuva Lich stealing your Harrow Systems or your Shocking Step Ephemera. Excited for everything else in the update, for example explicit melee blocking, tactical dodge, and Grendel; but the Kuva Lich stuff, I'm excited for its revision once it messes with retention rates.
  8. Finally managed to play it without errors and record it ❤️
  9. I am having this problem too. I can't even play my songs that only play 4-5 notes at a moment. Definitely not 30 notes in a second... -_- Thanks De you broke the shawzin pls hotfix it back? You have a competition going on after all.
  10. Hello! It says "one submission per player", does that mean that 1 player cannot do both a solo and a group submission?
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