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  1. Well, I don't know, but I've been told Uranium ore's worth more than gold Sold my Cad', I bought me a Jeep I've got that bug and I can't sleep Uranium fever has done and got me down Uranium fever is spreadin' all around
  2. You do realize that the world doesn't revolve around you
  3. Here is the smart anime protagonist
  4. Why? Might as well change all shotguns to rifle.
  5. Lmao. Not here at least. We have a messed up mission type called kuva lich cuz people were complaining for 3 months or so about how there is no 'content.' Remember Tennocon 2019? Thats where it was revealed that kuva lich would be released with railjack. And so far, it doesn't seems to be the case.
  6. Except that you need to kill the lich. Which in itself has an intense farming behind it.
  7. Hey guys so here are 3 new act for nightwave introduced in Glassmaker: Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich Its just bad mainly cuz some people dont play kuva lich or have already collected 16/16 kuva weapon. Personally, I already have all kuva weapon i wanted with high % and its useless to have a kuva lich active as you need to pay "tax" at the end of a mission currently occupied by the lich (and other useless dialogue at start) All in all, why bother farming murmur to kill a lich for 7000pt when the nw could due for another 6 months..
  8. Pico took it and went to the beach. Go search for him.
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