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  1. To be honest, for the first few days it was great, new game mode, fun times with friends on a interceptor (Railjack). But the inability to use your archwing effectively, constant crashing and losing your loot especially Shedu parts, numerous glitches and crashes that can cause the mission to not progress has put me in a more... neutral position with DE's development, rather than a positive one. Don't get me started with support (no offence to them, they are great!), the inability to retrieve Logs after some crashes, or bugs that force you to ABORT your mission and lose all of that loot is annoying as hell, and if you even bother to submit a ticket without a log of somekind or poof, don't bother. So why waste my time with a system that is bugged as hell, and potentially lose all the progress that I've made. The group of 3 or 4 that I've usually run with also agree with this, that it isn't worth playing, if progress isn't made. The RNG loot table is horrid along with the stats on some items, I mean MK3 reactors that drop from mobs should be BETTER than a stock MK3 reactor in stats that you get from the dojo, even some stats do not reflect the potency of certain weapons, like damage falloff. I'm all over the place with this right now, mostly due to how frustrated I am with this release. Rushing it only causes mistakes, doing it right once doesn't need to be done again. I'm no programmer (yet) or understand the inner workings of making a game, but some form of quality testing would help prevent a lot of issues that we're seeing right now, not to mention that is why we have "Founders" in the game (would have the ultimate bundle if I had a stable job at the time of its release). That said, DE has many paths ahead of them right now, fix these issues and potentially compensate players for lost time in some mission (which would be nice), or just ignore the player base and become another Bethesda.
  2. Not to mention that interior shows the default exterior of the ship, not this skin. also the size of the font for this skin needs to scale with the length, otherwise it would hide part of it in the wing. That or just relocate the ships name above the wing...
  3. Ok, I get it, devs were rushed to get this thing pushed out asap, but HOW THE HEK did ALL OF THESE ISSUES GET PASTED QC (quality control). I get that bugs are normal but this many, especially game breaking are just a waste of time for a lot of people who just want to enjoy the content. Like this is just annoying, I had 4 reactors of different types, 3 guns and various ship mods go down the drain because... I cant even get out of the mission because some idiot decided to go for a 3rd RUN. Suggestion? Put a mission withdraw in instead of ABORT otherwise you just lose everything whenever something goes wrong, and right now, everything is going wrong. *sighs and ends rant* More suggestions? sure why not... Empyron is great in its own content without the bugs, fantastic game play, but there are a lot of things that need to be looked into. For one, have a checkpoint system, between every mission complete, send that stuff to inventory so it isn't lost, save the resources, if that isn't going to be implemented then have a means to increase mission rewards, the longer you are away from dock, but reserve the option to withdraw in case of a bugged mission, glitched user, or bugged game client. not to mention that I've lost alot of rare drops for weapons, especially for the Shedu! I WOULD BE DONE IF IT WASN'T FOR THESE BUGS! *quietly sighs*. . . The drop rates of different reactors, weapons, and or mods is horrendous... ALL I've been getting is Zetki crap, seriously... rotate this crap across all mobs rather than 1, crewship drop rates suck. All of these bugs reminds me of when FO76 was first released... Like seriously, PLEASE DO BE LIKE THEM, for the love of god!
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