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  1. When attempting to invite others to my Dojo or vice versa we spawn alone. We cannot see each other even though the UI shows we are in the squad. Cetus, Deimos and Fortuna are deserted. Yes I am on [EDIT]: Multiplayer Public mode. This just started, if I am the only one please let me know. Thank you.
  2. It would be great if we could get confirmation on the possibility of a slider in future. It looks like I am playing a J.J. Abrams Transformers reboot. EDIT: I don't want to detract from the blood sweat and tears poured into this game by DE - I love Warframe so much and it's because I love it that this sucks so badly. If you do a google search for 'lens flare' it's uncanny how similar the lighting looks. :\
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