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  1. I think they could have had the Wolf spawn on a specific planet during each weekly set of Challenges. For one week they could have had him spawn A LOT on Saturn, the next it would be a different planet. Maybe kinda have it fit his journey through the story until he's on the Planet with Alad V and all that. So that way people who didn't wanna deal with him, knew how to avoid him, and players who wanted to farm him, knew where to go. Throw out the BS drop table (the stupid mods), make him spawn often on an assigned planet, and call it a day. Perhaps make his parts buy-able with the wolf currency or something? I am sure there's so many good ideas in this thread by now, but I wanted to throw in my voice too. I love you DE, but I think you might've messed this one up a little bit.
  2. I get infinite loading screens now. No matter how many times I try to reconnect and get back into the main fight, the load screen is always there, stuck at the same percent, never letting me in. There was one point where my screen was just staring at the door to Fortuna, not letting me type/move/etc. It just showed my name in squad with no health or energy bars and an Excal Prime icon that I don't have equipped... I can hear everything going on, too.
  3. Thank you DE! ❤️ The Hype is real. Thank you for all you do!
  4. Thank you DE for handling the issue, and I am glad you are talking with others to help get proper information spread to the community. The less people we have taking advantage of others, the better. 🙂 Can't remember how many times people have PMed me saying I am selling something for "too low a price". Or me getting told to pay a ridiculous price - and when I refused - the trader would become rude in text. Whole lotta "yikes" for people like that.
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