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  1. There’s just one problem with this post. The developers don’t HAVE to nerf rivens. They simply choose to, and it feels like for almost no reason at times. Take the Vectis for example from .8 -> .75 was that extra 5-10% of whatever stats my riven had THAT “OP” or so outrageously strong that it constituted a nerf of nearly no significance? It makes no sense AT ALL. ”But DE said, if the weapon is popular...” I love snipers, run them constantly. I literally can count on 1 one hand the amount of players I’ve seen running a sniper outside of the plains. No one uses this weaponary in everyday missions. Yet it gets nerfed because Tricap is designed in such a way that using any other form of weapon is senile? What’s the fix here nerf the mods of the weapons most viable in these encounters or actually make more weapons viable against these enemies? These nerfs don’t balance anything. People are still going to take their dispo .0005 Rubico/Vectis/Lanka into a tricap because Eidolons are poorly designed. There’s still a massive imbalance here that obviously isn’t being corrected by nerfing the mods of a select few weapons. But just nerf them anyway right? The only weapons that really demand riven nerfs are newly Primed weapons with extremely high dispositions. Making them actually quite a bit stronger than they should be. Example: Akjagara Prime. I have a very nice riven for these dual pistols that took a VERY hard hit after the nerf. Paid 1.5K for it. I haven’t complained about it once because in this situation the nerf actually makes sense. But nerfing the Viper? or Embolist? or snipers that are outclassed in pretty much every mission type outside of Tricap? Literally pure idiocy. The people who aren’t big on rivens literally defend DE for absolutely no other reason than “Hahaha u mad?”. While not even acknowledging that DE should go back and rebalance these weaker weapons properly rather than blame the rivens for the horrible design of some of these crappy weapons and meta-demanding mission types. I literally do not get it. This is a ******* PvE game.
  2. DE: “We won’t be touching Kohm rivens because we realize people have spent large amounts of platinum and a certain stat is necessary or it would make....blah blah...” Me: “Spends 7K on a Vectis riven” DE: *Nerfs Vectis Rivens* This is absolutely ridiculous and dumb. There are a lot more weapons than the Kohm that need certain stats on a riven to be worthwhile. Yet you grant the Kohm immunity to riven nerfs when it’s literally among the most used weapons. Then you nerf snipers that literally ONLY see use in the plains..... THEN YOU HAVE CRAP LIKE GRAM PRIME STILL at a FULL riven disposition!!!!!?????? If this is how you guys are going to “balance” rivens just ****in remove them. Rivens should be balanced according to the weapons themselves, and I’m sure y’all know that but changing random weapons rivens is easier to do right? You people are ridiculous when it comes to rivens.
  3. Desired Stats: +Crit Chance +Multishot +Damage -Impact Message me here or in game .
  4. +132.8% Critical Damage +224% Melee Damage +72.7% Attack Speed -119.4% Finisher Damage I will sell it outright for 10K, if you have an offer of 8K or more message me here or in game. In game name is the same as here. If you need to see the riven in game, again message me on Live. Thank you. Edit: There are spaces between each of the letters in my tag.
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