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  1. no i was giving an idea and they get all the money and credit
  2. im looking for some1 that can make a tennogen for all platforms, message me by private message or something so i can send you the picture.
  3. thx, i think this should be a good tennogen
  4. This is what ash prime should've been
  5. We all know that july 6 will be tenno live, so will everybody on there will get a free Nekros Prime? and will it be for all plaforms?
  6. is it the one with the k-drive ragdoll that sends you to the other side of the map by ragdolling?
  7. when will ash prime be returning???
  8. im on switch, can i use a coupon on tennogen?
  9. is it possible can we get warframe rivens? like rivens for warframes that are like augments but are rivens
  10. Hi i'm just a guy on switch looking to trade for a tatsu riven, im broke but i got this broken anku riven so if you're willing to trade pls friend me and ill accept and see you when i can be online
  11. I found a glitch, that when you go to the back of the fortuna entrance there will be a small ramp, that if you ride with your k-drive you will be ragdolled across the map
  12. And why is it that is console players must suffer not being able to buy bundles with a coupon, for example I wanted to buy a Gift of Hunhow bundle and I had a 75% off coupon but I couldn't use it
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