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  1. Yes Marked for death was OP to 6 or a few more frames that can really open to finishers, we all know that was going to be nerfed, and the cover the expartners that love clickbait gives that (tactical potato and grind hard squad) didn't help either, but i didn't even talk about that because was something everyone saw coming. With the kuva bramma is the same thing, i could not care less about nerf of that bow because was insane, but why make his nerf affect EVERY AoE weapon in the game. I dont have problem with helminth super nuke combos, since helminth is stupid expensive because of b
  2. To be fair is called a nerf when every time they do things for "balance" is to made them weaker instead of make the other weapons/frames/companions/mods/abilities more useful I almost never see a buff in this game, and when there is some buff also come with nerfs. Let me give you some examples: - hydroid corrosive rain now cant strip armor VS other frames like xaku, Vauban, hyldrin and more of then that can do it - meele 3.0 was a buff for a lot of melees but they nerf condition overload really bad making a HUGE nerf to only status based builds and Crit is king again - Stat
  3. Hi De I would love that you change some colores of Deimos palette because I dont see a thing and i have good vision, my eyes are in perfect state but mixing neon yellow, purple, red from enemies, ammo caches, warframes or the color of the terrain makes trying to distinguish what are you doing a real nightmare, please change the palette to something more easy to see and that not camo in the Map, I loved how corpus have yellow, green, blue and orsnge suits in maps with snow because is easier to see them but here in deimos infested, Map and items all are Hard to distinguish from each other even w
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