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  1. The eidolons being nerfed was a nice changed but the over buff on the vomvalysts are getting stronger dayly, the codex says they only have 700 health but yet I delt 30k void damage to it just to get it into the blue phase and then another 15k to kill it, this needs to be fixed now, the insane dps they deal is insane, this is insane and is ruining eidolon hunts, they kill the lures in seconds
  2. Idk why this started happening this week but half way through 3 hyrolists (spellings probably wrong) I would switch into my operator and be suck in the air in a random place and can't move from there, tried everything to fix this, unstuck command never works and needs to be fixed lol, self damaged myself to death and still goes to the same place completely stuck, plz fix this now it's ruining my solo tridolons runs
  3. I haven't seen that but I have seen all health bars on the limbs and also the thumbers are always purple and this has been like this for months already and needs to be fixed
  4. It hasn't been very many times but over the passed 3 weeks I have lost about 4 daily login rewards to the the fact that they don't pop up on time and thus I don't get the rewards, I think it was day 171 that I just lost right now and a few others now, plz can this be fixed soon, I'm worried about my 200 day rewards going missing also and that will be a big problem
  5. This just got so much worse since the beginning of today, it keeps giving me permanent "network not responding" yet the fame is running fine and then after that is days I need to restart it due to a update, IV apparently updated the game 23 times today and I am officially starting to get dame irritated with this fault, this is a waste of my date and also a very irritating constant pain having "network not responding while doing eidolons or exploiter orb, plz fix this tomorrow
  6. I reported this months ago and still hasn't been fixed lol
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