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  1. How is this a problem? Hildryn's 4 literally spews energy orbs out of every target every few seconds. Nehza's gives every single target a 100% chance of dropping a health orb and a 35% chance of dropping an energy orb on death. Nekros's Desecrate, while it does not directly drop orbs, has the capability of dropping both energy and health orbs from its reroll, and tends to cause substantial numbers of them to drop. And I'm certain there are other effects that cause orbs to be generated as well. Granted, none of these are passives, but they are all commonly-used abilities, and all of them generate orbs for both the caster and their entire squad, so I fail to see how a passive with a similar (but weaker) effect would be problematic. How about just make it so any damage in the pool that does not restore HP or shields to allies (ie. "overhealing") is translated into a damage reduction (or armor) buff for some period of time, with the magnitude of that buff being determined by the amount of "leftover" in that pool compared to some constant with a cap, or perhaps the proportion of the total pool that is "leftover", ie. the higher percentage of the pool that doesn't heal, the stronger the DR buff (say you gain DR equal to half of the percentage of the pool that was overhealing, so capping at 50% DR).
  2. Ok, this appears to be an unstable issue? It appears to involve the entire warframe being rendered in front of those UI elements. I went to Captura, then returned to my orbiter, and hitting esc upon loading my orbiter gave me the normal expected menu style. Exiting the menu and re-entering it (nothing else between, so no idea the "trigger" here) restarted the issue. As you can see from this screenshot, compared to the one above, not just my syandana but my entire frame is darkened and visible behind even the black sheet backdrop of the menu. So something is causing both the syandana and the warframe to "graduate" above those UI elements. Edit: replicated this with other frames. Hitting escape immediately after loading into the orbiter visually places the warframe behind the black menu backdrop. Waiting only a couple of seconds to hit escape, or any menu opens after the first one, cause the warframe to be rendered in front of the black sheet backdrop. Given the visual differences, I suspect that the warframe being in front of the backdrop is likely the intended state, but it definitely shouldn't be in front of the button backgrounds. Might also be simpler to just cause wing syandanas to close when the user is in the menu.
  3. I recently picked up the TennoGen Sari Syandana (which is gorgeous, btw). After equipping it, I noticed an odd effect, however: the syandana (and I presume other syandana, though few of them extend that far upwards and outwards) apparently renders in front of not only the black sheet background on the escape menu, but also the grey "button" boxes behind each menu option. This gives the menu a curiously "flat" look, and could with certain color patterns make the menu effectively impossible to read due to the lack of background contrast.
  4. Why? The most comparable ability to his is probably Rhino's Roar (yes, it's a damage boost instead of a Strength boost, but Nidus's strength boost costs his special resource, so it's not easily comparable, and no other frame has a comparable ability for boosting ability effectiveness that I can think of atm). Roar is 75 energy baseline, for 30s baseline, for 50% damage bonus baseline. Provoke is 20% Ability Strength (which is rather less potent for damage than Roar, and also is additive with mods rather than multiplicative like Roar), at a cost of 3 energy per cast. 25 casts within 30 seconds matches Roar, or a bit over 8 per person if you have 3 people in your group (or 6 per person, if you include yourself as well). That's not that hard to do within a 30s period of time, even in the context of ESO's rate limiting system, and that's all for a notably inferior buff at that (though, to be fair, it does affect non-damaging abilities like heals and even buffs like Roar itself). That said, on benefit that Provoke has that is quite notable is that, since it lacks a time-based ongoing energy cost, it doesn't count as a "channeled" ability for the purposes of energy restores, so even things like Zen dash function function while it is active. If it went to a passive energy cost (2.5/s would equal Roar), I'd rather it kept that, or at least permitted EV regen like Maim.
  5. I looked up records, and balancing does have a substantially longer record: ~8 hours for balancing in a chair on a tightrope, with a couple others of people literally living on a tightrope for months at a time, compared to several minutes hanging from a bar or rings by one's hands. However, of note is that all of those hanging records are for supporting one's entire body weight with one's hands. Wall-latching is an entirely different position, where the majority of the body weight is supported by the frame's legs, and the frame's hands are only used to provide force countering the natural rotational moment from the foot anchor point not being below the frame's center of gravity, a substantially lighter load. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of force Wukong needs to provide with his arm when he's hanging off the side of his staff (though to be fair, he also shifts that a bit by pushing his staff off to the other side and thereby putting his center of mass directly over the pass of the pole, and balancing as such. But he still has to counter his body's natural rotational moment from being on the side of his pole, anchored by his feet). In any case, the record for hanging from one's hands is multiple minutes, and we're talking about space-age infested ninja super-soldiers here, so having a limit of only 6 seconds for a position that is physically far easier to maintain than simply hanging from one's hands is rather hilariously weak. The hardest part of a wall latch is most likely getting the hand grip on a smooth wall (let's infer some magic/tech that helps that or something), but provided a ring to hold on to embedded in a wall, almost every single one of us could, given a few tries and/or some practice, hold ourselves in a wall-latch-like position for at least 15-30s, and we're, well, gamers, which don't, at least stereotypically, venn much with "athlete".
  6. Ping limit only accounts for static ping. It doesn't account for hosts with great connections, but running on potato batteries that spike to 1000ms+ as soon as there are more than 3 entities on the screen.
  7. Synapse, Tiberon, Astilla, Nagantaka, Torid, Angstrum. All of them are guns that I really really like the idea of, but that feel like they lack a bit on the power curve, and for many of them, feel like they lack something to really set them apart from other similar weapons in their respective classes. I have no idea what augments I'd want to see for each, but something to really carve out their niches and push them a bit higher on the overall power curve.
  8. Xaedys

    Aura Forma rework

    The problem with Aura Forma isn't a problem with Aura Forma at all, it's a problem with auras period. There are 27 auras in the game. Of those, 13 (very nearly half) are dash polarity, 6 are D polarity, 7 are V polarity, and one special redheaded stepchild (Brief Respite) is double-dash polarized. Not only are the auras numerically imbalanced among the polarities, but they are in power curve as well. The 3 most used and most useful auras in the game are dash polarity (Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, and Shield Disruption), along with several other sometimes-useful utility auras (Sprint Boost, Enemy Radar, Loot Detector). Of the D mods, really only Rejuvenation is considered worth using (and since it's a flat regen rather than percentage, its benefits are fairly limited), and of the V's, generally only Steel Charge (for melee-oriented setups or for the 9 capacity) or Growing Power are commonly used. Part of this is because of how auras interact with other mods. A huge chunk of the auras suffer mightily because they are additive with other mods. All of the weapon auras (Steel Charge, Dead Eye, Shotgun Amp, Rifle Amp, Pistol Amp) suffer from this, having tiny bonuses compared to the near omnipresent damage bonus mods on the weapons themselves (ex. with just Hornet Strike equipped, Pistol Amp's 27% becomes only an 8.4% bonus to damage. That same aura on a high-strength Chroma provides only 2.5-3% additional damage. Physique and Stand United also suffer from this, being additive with Vitality and Steel Fiber, respectively, and thus having extremely minimal impact for their ostensible bonus numbers (Physique is further additive with the significant HP bonuses frames get from leveling up to 30, making it provide generally less than 150 additional HP). Basically, dash polarity has a ton of useful options, V polarity has a couple (including access to the only two 9-capacity auras available, though one of the two is only really ever used on Nova), and D polarity is pretty darn useless. So the solution isn't really to change up Aura Forma. The solution is to rebalance and redistribute auras so having a non-dash polarity doesn't feel like a freakin' penalty and quasi-forced forma. I'd also love to see all of the auras bumped up to 9 capacity, as additional capacity doesn't feel like a valid aura niche, especially when its tied to two auras that are either not terrible useful (Steel Charge) or actively harmful (Power Donation) for the vast majority of frame builds, and both of those only one one of the available aura polarities.
  9. I don't really mind the lack of melee, as a concept, in most cases involving the Archgun on the ground However, the only time I really ever use my Archgun is during Profit Taker, and disabling my melee means that if I oopsie and let my Vex Armor slip, I no longer have access to my Cerata to quickly ramp it back up.
  10. On the one hand, I think this would be overkill, especially since speed frames already edge into the territory of being too fast to accurately navigate, at least with my reaction speeds (and based on other people running into walls, I'm not alone in that). On the other hand, my favorite frame right now is a speed/str built Wisp that has a 1.74 sprint speed, plus an additional 60% from her haste mote, and part of why I love her is that she's so dang fast. Other frames feel like they've got lead weights on their ankles in comparison. So from that perspective, I'd be in favor. I just don't know how you'd handle speed frames and speed builds in such a system. You'd either have to massively squish the potential bonuses of such builds and abilities, or they'd very quickly become far too fast for the reflexes of even the most adept gamer to handle.
  11. Looks like it's just super delayed. I watched several streams on Friday evening and then another about noon yesterday. I just got the palette in my inbox. So, for those of you that haven't had drop issues in the past, probably just be patient, it seems like it's just crazy backlogged like the Tennocon one was. /shrug
  12. Xaedys

    Valkyr hysteria bug

    I ran into this while leveling my non-prime Valkyr for MR a few days ago. Sometimes I'd come out of Hysteria and couldn't really do anything. However, when I hit the melee key, my character would properly melee with my normal melee weapon, and that would fix the issue for me (until potentially the next time I left Hysteria). This was all while I had Zenistar as my normal melee weapon, didn't test with another. I mildly suspected at the time that it was because I was going into Hysteria with my Zenistar disk out, but that may or may not be related. I was also a client at the time. Didn't think to grab screenshots or video =(
  13. They aren't even a passive skill/ability. They don't scale with Ability Strength or any other warframe mods that affect abilities, which is in stark contrast to literally every true exalted weapon in the game.
  14. Addendum: turns out Aegis Storm alone is enough to cause the bug if pets are downed whilst Hildryn is rad-proced. Does not appear to affect allied warframes, but kuvats and such had the swirly effect and soft-locked the rezers.
  15. Was doing some Thermia runs today using my Hildryn. I run a max range max efficiency build where I can just pop my 3 and 4 (Haven and Aegis Storm, respectively), keep everything perma-CC'd, and also boost everyone's shields. Unfortunately, the objective tends to apply radiation procs. Doesn't change Aegis Storm at all, as far as I can tell, but it causes Haven to start dealing friendly fire. Ok, that's fine, I can toggle it off. However, we also ran into an odd bug. If one of my party members dies from friendly fire from Haven (or possibly just while being hit by Haven) while either I or they are under a radiation proc, attempts to rez them soft-lock the rezing character. The rezer is stuck in the rezing animation, in either operator or warframe, indefinitely. Energy (warframe or operator) continues to drain for any channeled effects (including void form), and my operator could still void dash using spacebar if he was already in void mode (but could not enter void mode if he wasn't in it). That player cannot enter or leave operator form, nor use any abilities or gear or such. The soft-lock would only terminate once the rezing operator died and was kicked back into the warframe, or the rezing warframe was downed if they were rezing in their frame. The player that was downed by Haven would also have the Haven/Aegis Storm particle effects swirling over their corpse, which is what lead us to suspect Haven in the first place. Avoiding casting Haven at all (but continuing to use Aegis Storm) completely stopped us from having the issue, so I strongly suspect it is specifically with Haven. Edit: also, in one case, once the softlock resolved by my operator being kicked back into my warframe, I was able to move and cast abilities and use weapons, but I could not access my gear wheel, my gear hotkeys did not function, and I could not enter operator form again. However, this resolved itself at the end of that specific fracture, though I can't say for certain if it was somehow the event ending, or something that simply happened at around that same time.
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