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  1. Hey there, I have recently encountered a bug where the side armament of my railjack has been removed from the railjack and my armament selection inventory without action on my part. It has somehow defaulted to the stock pulsar... Instead of my +59.9 dmg vidar cryophon.... I'm not sure if this helps but when I look at the nose turret armament selection screen it doesn't say that the stock pulsar is even equipped on the side turret... Plz help. I want my side guns back. They were great.
  2. First time posting in the bug report forums so hi hi... Title pretty much sums it up. I want to post some issues I have found and am wondering what to bring to the table... Normally I just work around any issues and leave it to someone else to report... But if I'm going to bother at all I'm going to do it right. Thanks in advance, PS an official report submission form, from an actual tester would help me understand WTF I need to know to share issues properly.
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