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  1. I wanted to address something about IVARA. Someone said she's for noobs who can't do spy missions. I didn't buy her. I spent countless hours IN spy missions stealing data, not being detected, using dread and despair and making no mistakes to farm all of her parts. So... Considering the fact that there is an assumption that noobs can't do spy missions, please reconsider your earlier comment because that is the only way you can get her in game without plat is by doing Spy missions. Unless you're a noob and you bought her. Then it's safe to assume you wouldn't know how to farm the parts. Also, I have Loki, but I chose IVARA to do this challenge. I'm glad for all the input. Thanks all. Sincerest, Dagaras
  2. Thanks for the update. I just saw the "hush" mod today and thought about it. Sincerest, Dagaras
  3. Melee Riven Challenge: "Kill 20 enemies that are on a drop ship while invisible" Location: Tessera (Venus) Mission: Corpus Defense Mission WARFRAME: IVARA. Weapons: Arca Plasmor (AOE Damage), Despair(not used), Tipedo Prime(not used) Abilities used: Cloak Arrow. Abilities not used: Prowl due to Arca Plasmor dispelling invisibility and thus not getting credit for kills. 1. Positioned myself central to the areas where I could easily fire on Drop Ships (Drop ships always ended up hovering over the same area) and protect Cryopod. Note: Protection of Cryopod not part of challenge. Cloaked myself with "Cloak Arrow" Ability. Wave 2: Drop ship came positioned itself over drop point. Whether the doors were closed or open fired on Dropship with Arca Plasmor. Enemies died inside. Riven challenge counted them as kills. Wave 4: Drop ship came. rinse, repeat. This is the method I used. You don't have to have IVARA. A friend with IVARA can come and cloak you with their arrows and you can complete this challenge. It took me three missions to complete the challenge because I was testing different methods. This is the most effective method as the AOE damage kills multiple enemies at once. A rifle or bow doesn't afford the time to retarget after each kill before they jump out of the dropship. Note: Since the revamping of IO after the Jovian Concord update, I got the same map four times after I attempted to get on that mission. No dropships. It appears now that Tessera (Venus) may be the best place to complete this specific Melee Riven Challenge. I did not attempt this with any other Warframe. I understand Loki may be a good option. Please post your results. Thank you for listening. I hope this helps. Dagaras
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