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  1. i wish they add pvp stance to pve, they are not flashy, but they works quite well
  2. not really. kuva version have additional elemental damage which could create new builds, besides kuva weapons can also come with new gimmicks
  3. incase you don't know the new juno elite crewman have a supra that fire explosive bolts like acceltra, they can melt your sentinel in mere seconds. they are possibly part of the issue to why your sentinel die so fast.
  4. it's not a sniper rifle. I mean in some way it kinda is since corpus juno sniper use that gun, but no it does not apply to player. terra sniper use opticor, for enemys some gun can be classified as a different class but not for players.
  5. I was wonder at first why my sentinel dying so frequently, yea its the elite juno crewman, their supra is like acceltra. also I really really hope that we can use the juno comba units' hammer&shield in the near future
  6. I think the Juno units have the most unique arsenal when compare to terra units and vapos units. Juno moas carry I think 4 different types of gun and three of them are disc launcher, rocket launcher, and glaxion. Juno comba units also having only 3 weapon types, carry a hammer&shield, a swarmer rifle, and a convectrix. Juno crewmans, from small pistol to modified supra with explosive bolts. Juno tech's exegris's infinite magazine full auto blasts and artic juno exmus's glaxion and frost aura. Juno malleus machinist with large hammer is basically the new version of prod crewman.
  7. anyone else reach rank 28 already, this is gonna be a long long nightwave.
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