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  1. they should just made it so the slow have a hard cap on liches
  2. it might because i was using it as well. but it's not that big of a deal for me now. i found synapse pretty useful, just melt a lich through sheer brute force.
  3. no they dont have those resistance mine has blast and radiation so it shouldnt affect me that much
  4. problem found. it's not innate resistance but a interaction with gloom. idk how and why it work that way but it's probably a bug
  5. i just hope it have a increased ammo pool. poor thing went out of juice too fast
  6. use banshee's silence to seal their reflector shield and kill them with stropha heavy attack
  7. it's a good idea but i doubt DE would do that cause they too lazy to a smarter AI that bother doing stuff like that. that said, it would interesting to see enemys doing melee counter attack when u melee them too much as a punishment.
  8. well if u turn hysteria off, u can loss HP. as for DR, just put off armor mod or arcane guardian
  9. by the way, i think DE should at least make warcry easy to cast like allow us to move in a slower speed when casting warcry, the time for channel it is kinda long, we can reposition ourselves when doing it.
  10. To be honest i just dont find the invulnerable protection that good to make it go longer, might as well ditch the low cost and high duration for more damage
  11. I just go for blind rage, augur secret, enraged augment, and three umbra mods. So I can just devastate aco and kuva lich with 3 or 4 heavy attacks with talons. I like to see big damage number. I don't want to spend brain cells.
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