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  1. hmmm, define "the mathematics behind calculating it", if you mean status probability then i have nothing there in terms of how to calculate that or test that it is right, but it seems like what ever you are using for status probability per trigger pull for the dex pixia is correct and would fit in here for what is needed on that front, as for status per pellet, those stats are in game (or the wiki seems fairly well informed), the chance per pellet just from the quick testing i was able to do in game seems to account most shotguns(all that i quickly had available to test was 4 shotguns, so 3 of
  2. just want to let you guys know of 2 seemingly bugs i came across a while ago, didnt mention them till now as well... it seemed as the site might of been left to the void, so glad to know its not going anywhere anytime soon, keep up the good work, now for the 2 bugs (for reference i tested this on both my xbox one inbuilt browser and my phone just in case that was the issue but they both persist). •1st bug, seems like any weapon that has a inbuilt single element(fire, cold, electricity, toxin) will have this bug where when you make a build for it, if you make a stat combo such as gas, magn
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