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  1. I was going to point out that that would be insane, and assuming you can do a 6x3 in 50 minutes would mean 173 tridolong a day, with average haul of 8.7 Arcane energizes, but then I remembered there are also people who watch Ayaya for 10 hours live on stream, so never mind that. But I would say that such issue could be easily solved by introducing a daily cap on the number of runs (as one potential solution). I never really intended to imply that access to eidolons should be entirelly unlimited.
  2. This isn't really bad though. Lower price but higher volume, and as a bonus with more people having access to the arcanes you'll be spreading the plat from trading to larger volume of people too, instead of that plat being stockpiled by the elite few. I can't really see that as negative.
  3. I have faith in DE doing the best thing for their players. There is plenty of precedent for that in the game. The removal of platinum cost on revives. The switch from tower keys to the relics system (amittedly controversial to some people) ultimatelly improved on a bad system. The introduction of the nightwave. The previous alert system was not good, there were times where I spent whole weekends checking warframe alert tracker every half an hour for any alerts containign nitain/vauban parts/auras. I don't view eidolon time gate any more different, it's not a good system and it is better off changed.
  4. Nope, I refuse to schedule my personal life around a video game. What you are prepared to accept or can or can't do has little relevance on what I am prepared to accept. I find the situation not ok. Can you imagine a situation, where you are sitting watching a netflix show with a gf, and in a middle of an episode you pause it, leave your partner hanging a go play warframe because it is night in planes of eidolon. How ludicrous is that? Look if you are a lemming, be a lemming, that does not mean that the rest of us just have to put up with a crappy situation.
  5. The previous topic in my interpretation was centered about the elitism and toxicity arising from the time gating, mine has a different theme. A simple issue with convenience. And I haven't seen much in your arguments that I would agree with and they are full of passive-aggressive thinly veiled personal attacks. Oh and I think you are just shamelessly self-promoting.
  6. I've played a few free to play games, and the issue here is more general. There is a group of people who consider not paying a single cent for a game they play a badge of honor, same as people who pirate the games and always invent one or the other reason to justify this. Any comment made to those people about supporting the game or devs will often be interpreted as comming from someone considering themselves superior, vain etc, etc. I mean best way to hide your own moral degeneration is to besmirch someone else. (p.s. if you want in on the drama, the upcomming borderlands 3 and the whole epic store thing should prove entertaining, as well as recent review bombings of the Switch exclusive titles by the PS4 players just for them being Switch exlusive.) I can't really relate to your experience, but I haven't dusted off my excal prime since forever. Mostly because he is ugly AF and no amount of fashion frame fixes it and the second reason is Umbra. It should stay exclusive though, a promise is a promise.
  7. Way of point. I don't expect game to revolve around my playing time, I expect the content of the game to be available to me at whatevere the time I chose to play. As for having daily limit on hunts, having an unlimited access is fine for me. Either way I would say there is just as large group of people who wouldn't hit even that cap. Login, do the sortie, do a hunt or two. Maybe run couple relics or an arbitration. Log out. Nothing wrong with that. And remember: *You've been playing for an hour. Remember to take a break* and chill.
  8. Thats your opinion ofcourse, something that, it seems, is not shared by the devs. I personally don't care much for PvP in WF, I get my PvPing fix in games like world of warships and team fortress, but I do care about Warframe in general and want the game to be what it was from day one: a chill experience that you could play at your own leisure be it for half hour, hour or a whole day. And I would like not to be penalized for not being there on the dot for the start of the night in the planes of eidolon, because I chose to go to a gym that day. I appologize in advance for having a life.
  9. Unless that player had a good point ofcourse. I mean if you care about PvP, having a feature itroduced that allows players to essentially bypass it, thus potentially nailing the last nail in the coffin for that game mode. I could see where that player might be comming from and why DE has reconsidered their initial choice. DE should ofcourse work on improving PvP if they intend to keep it in the game.
  10. Oh I don't care about having endless access. If it is limited to like 5 tridolons a day, it's basically moot point for people with limited time.
  11. Why? If I put in the time, why should I not get the rewards?
  12. Were you playing at the time when there was no NW? When an alert with an item you needed poped up like 3 times a week for an hour at some absolutelly random time. NW store is one of the best things to happen in WF. Nakak mask are cosmetics they don't affect my game play. As for aphothics, yes the ones tied to the Earth's day night cycle are bad. (who am I kidding, the whole flower scanning thing is not particularly fun)
  13. I would disagree. While even if a mission type may not be my preference I can still play at any time. I'm not time gated out of the content. As for a trend, the reverse is true. Nightwave for example is godsend. I remember a while back I was hunting for a specific aura, and the timed alert system was just horrible to me. I would be sitting there at my job like 99% of normal people there, check the WF app and see the allert with the stuff I need and there is nothing I could do. And the grind for nitain before.....no the trend is definitelly not towards time gating.
  14. True story. I login today to do my daily grind in Warframe, wanted to do a tridolon. And surprise, surprise one and a half hours till night. I just don't undersatnd why I have to schedule my life and playing time around 100 minute timer? Can we please have this as any other activity in the game available at all times. [DE] do you seriously just don't care about people who have a life?
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