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  1. Dunno what happened. But steam decided to delete my warframe game. At first, it just said I need to install it. But the game and its contents was still inside the steam games folder. But after pressing install, it says discovering existing folder, and wooptiedoo Steam decided screw me over, "I said redownload it so redownload it", and deleted the game. Now I have to reinstall everything. All 20+ GBs. Thanks. Really. Bloody hell. Welp. No gaming for awhile till I redownload it with my potato internet. Sighs.
  2. Need help please. I didnt get the drops in game for both today and yesterdays stream. Yes, I have unlinked and relinked from both twitch.tv and warframe websites. Yes, I see the progress bar. Yes, it says i got the drop, and yes I claimed and it confirmed that I claimed it. And no, I didnt receive it in game. And yes, I did wait. Claimed the golden potato yesterday and claimed the helmet cosmetic and 12am. Now its 1.30am. Please fix it. The previous twitch drops worked fine for me. This new one doesnt. I'm on PC btw. Edit: Dont know if the dev's did anything, but I got it 5 mins af
  3. Help. I got the process bar and everything. Claimed the drop. But I didnt get it in my game. Yes, i have unlinked and relinked from both twitch.tv and warframe websites.
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