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    Warframe Builder

    What about, on all melee weapons, adding a drop box to select the number of gladiator mods used through your entire build? Just like the how you can choose the combo multiplier and /or the number of status effects. Choosing the number mods used will add +15% crit chance per number selected to your melee weapon
  2. I have 2 1080ti's and the same thing happens for me. At absolute max settings the game runs above 150 fps on one card, in sli it hovers around 90. Using the 2nd card for physx works better here.
  3. Frompa

    Warframe Builder

    Blood Rush's 165% critical hit chance stacks with Gladiator Mods. Using 6 Glad mods that 165% becomes 255% per combo multiplier. And yes, it directly effects the damage output. I can see it clear as day when I take them off. I suggest you try them together. To test your theory using warframe builder I added the 90% to my riven setting the multiplier to 1.5x as 1x wouldn't start the bonus. It also, clear as day, shows a 2k base damage increase before any staus effects. You shouldn't try to correct people on what you don't know about. Here is the Gladiator Mod wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Set_Mods#Gladiator_Mod_Set And from that wiki: "Gladiator Mod SetEdit Set Bonus: +15%/+30%/+45%/+60%/+75%/+90% critical chance, stacks with Melee Combo Multiplier. This effect stacks with  Blood Rush for a total of +255%." And from the Critical hit wiki: "Blood RushEdit  Blood Rush and the Gladiator Set Bonus are unique in that they are a relative increase applied after all others and even after absolute ones. [Base Crit Chance × (1 + Relative Bonus) + Absolute Bonus] * (1 + Blood Rush × Combo Multiplier) = (0.05 × (1 +  0.6) + 0.3) * (1 +  1.65 * 1.5) = 1.3205 = 132.05% Critical hit chance can surpass 100%, for further information read Crit Tiers." And from Crit Tiers wiki: "When a weapon achieves a crit chance higher than 100%, every attack will crit but it also gains a chance to deal an even stronger crit. As the critical hit chance increases, the tier of critical damage does so as well. Although the coloration remains red after a certain point, crit tiers continue to increase."
  4. Why does "power creep" bother people? When changes are made to increase power or play style in anyway it should be a good thing. No one is forced become more powerful. You always have the option to limit yourself and stay where you are. Giving options to those who want more just allows more people to play the way they want to play. If you like playing at a certain level, do so, find like minded people to group up with or play solo, it's your option. Nothing is forced.
  5. after unloading burdens and before the dead player is revived, a confirmation could be sent to the dead player, "press whatever to be revived'. It could even be on a timer of whatever duration. If you let the timer run out you forfeit. problem solved
  6. Frompa

    Warframe Builder

    I just saved my first build. A Ninkondi Prime build that does massive damage due to using all 6 gladiator mods split between Rhino and Deconstructor. The actual crit chance and damage outputs are much higher than whats listed here due to the 90% extra crit chance per combo multiplier acquired from the Gladiator mods. They stack with Blood Rush for a total crit chance of 255% per combo mulitplier. I start hitting reds at 1.5x. My Rhino Prime and Deconstructor Prime builds are saved and linked to the Ninkondi Prime build. What are the chances of you linking the damage bonus across linked builds in the future. Might be as simple as another drop box similar to combo multiplier but for gladiator mods active. I can see this being useful in many builds that rely on set mods as well as amalgam mods. http://warframe-builder.com/Melee_Weapons/Builder/Ninkondi_Prime/t_30_220003004_239-7-5-247-4-5-358-2-3-603-8-3-637-0-10-793-1-5-796-6-3-829-5-0-865-3-6_637-7-793-8-358-7-865-12-247-9-829-9-796-5-239-9-603-10/en/4-0-163/229791/0 Thanks for any consideration and keep up the good work
  7. Why not? Let people play the way they want
  8. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  9. title... wouldn't mind seeing an additional mod slot for augments but the exilus slot would help. EDIT: I don't care about how the exillus slot is currently used or what those mods are currently used for. I'm just stating what I would like to see, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I don't care about being overpowered or changing what anyone is used to.
  10. what about clem? can't clear his alert. finished the mission 5 times and no blueprint
  11. finished this last week now its boring. additional acts should award nora creds
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