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  1. Yeah, I understand some concerns and issues that can happen...I’m very open to ideas, Like I said It was just a thought, something I feel would be Unique and different from current frames, I do Feel like my idea would do better as a Support, that’s grants buffs and debuffs to enemies. Regarding the passive, maybe it could tie in with allied companions as well, however think of this as a first draft. I would like to create something unique and different as I said, before I go and do a design for it.
  2. Just throughout an idea out there! Beast Hunter Frame Orome PASSIVE: creatures such as kubrows and kavats and the like, that are damaged or killed by the Beast Hunter frame become allies. Maxed out at 5, and the longer the beast are allies and lower their health becomes, like Nekros 4th ability, but the allies companions won’t die instead their Health will STOP and 1 Health Point, but the lower their health the stronger they are. Downside however, you cannot have a companion, a companion can still be equipped for the companion mods. ABILITY 1: Releases all Al
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