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  1. They can only defend, so they would be kinda useless. Rj would be boarding-proof tho x3
  2. As someone who is about to get 600k endo just from pure dirac, I don't think I will care about maxing mods any time soon
  3. No, no, it was my processor not being able to cool off. I basically didn't have any cooling for i9 that jumps to 95-100 C instantly, so this one was 100% on me. After all, I can run max graphics with 120 fps now
  4. It is a laptop (or a notebook, if you prefer to call it that), but it can handle Witcher 3 on Ultra with over 60 fps :3. I've managed to find the issue, my system was blocking one of the fans for no reason, so now I can get 120 fps on High with 2560x1440. Thanks for your suggestion tho, I found out that the problem lied in the cooling
  5. I've been playing the other day and though to myself "Man, I think GTX 1080 should really be doing better than 20-30 frames at low-medium settings", but a quick look at the task manager showed that I was basically capped by the 3D aspect. Me question is why is this happening and if I can do something to improve the situation. Alienware R5 17 with intel i9, in case that helps :3
  6. I want to see a footage of that so badly xD
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