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  1. Well if you're talking about Nukor, the big issue is that the Electricity bonus will not combine with other Elements, since it's a Beam weapon. The old projectile vs hitscan issue still hasn't been addressed.
  2. Alright, so these Melee changes have caused a LOT of problems for Melee Mod balance, especially for Riven Mods. Currently, It seems like Condition Overload being in the same Multiplier as +Damage mods has made other +Damage mods and +Damage as a Riven stat completely obsolete, due to diminishing returns in that multiplier. Take this as an example: A melee with 2 status effects on a target will give +240% Damage. That's 340% of Base Damage so far, correct? Adding Primed Pressure Point on top of that gives us 340% + 165% Damage, which is 505%. 505/340 is ~1.485x Damage from Primed Pressure Point with only 2 Status Procs on a target. With how melees are right now, I'd expect many to easily hit around 4 Status Procs at once. Currently, that's 580% of Base Damage, being 745% with Primed Pressure Point. 745/580 is 1.28x Damage, which is a very small increase for a single mod, let alone a Primed Mod. This carries on into Rivens, making +Damage a garbage stat to have now. Once more people catch onto that if this doesn't get changed, that entire stat is going to be undesirable. Now we'll get into the second hurdle, Blood Rush. Simply put, it completely destroys the other two ways of increasing Critical Chance, +CC (e.g. Sac Steel) and +Slide (e.g. Maiming Strike). All three of these mods are in the same multiplier, similar to the situation with Condition Overload, but arguably even worse off. Blood Rush's bonus of 60% Critical Chance per combo stack will outperform Sacrificial Steel after only reaching 2x combo, also outperforming Maiming Strike at 3x combo. Since melee combo goes up to 12x now at only 220 hits, Blood Rush's maximum bonus of +720% is just ridiculous in comparison to merely 88% and 150%, giving very little reason to use other CC mods and making +CC/+Slide Rivens undesirable as well. Right, so the thing is, the only stats people are generally going to go for on Rivens now is +Attack Speed, +Range, +Toxin, and +Critical Damage. +Heat is fine with the buffs, but not incredibly flexible and generally seems to dilute Corrosive Procs on Corrosive builds. Typically, the only Heat mod you'd use right now is Volcanic Edge. +Electricity is also pretty good for Corrosive builds, but is also not very flexible. What if I want to do Gas or Viral? That Electricity will negatively affect the weapon and take away useful Procs, similar to what IPS can do right now. The main issue comes with the whole Damage, Critical Chance, and Slide situation. Previously, +Damage was a top tier Riven stat, and just in its name would suggest that it's good (because more Damage is more Damage... right?), even though it isn't right now. +Slide was also great for those types of builds, and while it's true that the game shouldn't be based around "Spin to Win," you can still Spin to Win with Blood Rush, even better than with +Slide right now. Critical Chance was already not the most desirable stat, as there was no room to have Blood Rush and Critical Chance together, with how tight melee builds were. It baffles me to see Critical Chance being even less desirable now, with it not even benefiting from Blood Rush. The worst part is, these changes seem to have created a lot more room in melee builds, so if Critical Chance still scaled with Blood Rush, it would actually be useful for once. Solutions: -Separate Condition Overload from +Damage mods, it really hurts the mods in that multiplier. In my opinion, Condition Overload should still have its own multiplier, but shouldn't be exponential. Just make it "+75% Damage for each status type affecting the target," and make it have diminishing returns. Previous CO was 1.6^Status Count Damage, which was completely insane with higher exponents. This new version should be 1 + 0.75*Status Count Damage independent of other Damage multipliers, just to make Primed Pressure Point and +Damage Rivens relevant again. That would be better for the health of the game. Old CO scaling to 7 Status Procs: 1.6, 2.56, 4.096, 6.5536, 10.48576, 16.777216, 26.8435456 New CO scaling to 7 Status Procs: 2.2, 3.4, 4.6, 5.8, 7, 8.2, 9.4 But stacks with +Damage, so say goodbye to 2.65x Damage there as well Proposed CO scaling to 7 Status Procs: 1.75, 2.5, 3.25, 4, 4.75, 5.5, 6.25 While that's lower than both old CO and new CO, how about we take Primed Pressure Point in as well? Old CO 7 Status Procs with Primed Pressure Point's 2.65x Damage: 4.24, 6.784, 10.8544, 17.36704, 27.787264, 44.4596224, 71.13539584 New CO 7 Status Procs with Primed Pressure Point's bonus: 3.85, 5.05, 6.25, 7.45, 8.65, 9.85, 11.05 Proposed CO 7 Status Procs with Primed Pressure Point's 2.65x Damage: 4.6375, 6.625, 8.6125, 10.6, 12.5875, 14.575, 16.5625 This proposed CO doesn't stack damage exponentially, as you can clearly see, but will make other +Damage relevant again. Condition Overload would technically become a weaker mod, but still extremely powerful and, most importantly, not disruptive to other multipliers, as the current version unfortunately is. -Regular +CC, Blood Rush, and +Slide should all scale off of base stats still (no ridiculous additive bonuses), but should still multiply with each other. In order to not make that ridiculous, reduce either the maximum combo amount or Blood Rush's bonus per combo stack. Right now, Blood Rush is far too powerful. I'd say reduce the maximum combo amount to 6x, which would be +360% CC for Blood Rush. In addition to that, reduce Maiming Strike's percentage back down to 90%, along with the scaling of +Slide as a melee Riven stat. With this proposition, the maximum CC you could hit at 6x combo with Blood Rush, Maiming Strike, and Sacrificial Steel all at once: 360*(1 + 0.9)(1 + 0.88) = +1285.92% CC. Consider that this is 3 mods and only on a Slide Attack, while current Blood Rush gives +720% on its own for all Attacks. Having the option to stack Crit in this way would make lots of sense, reviving two entire CC multipliers. Just like pre-update CC (not +Slide, since that was additive), CC was only decent, since Blood Rush on its own would typically be enough. With this change, Blood Rush alone is enough on a higher base CC weapon, but lower base CC weapons would also have a chance at going into Crit, along with +Slide actually being worth it again without being broken and additive. Overall, I'd like to see the return of synergistic stats in Damage and CC, rather than Blood Rush and Condition Overload ruining everything, as of right now.
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