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  1. Fix Zarr Cannon mode bomblet status calculation please
  2. Why was self stagger added to many weapons which weren't stated? Why do Sonicor and Mutalist Quanta's orb explosion have it?
  3. Bruh imagine someone shoots u with a vulkar in the face and u go #*!%ing sleeping
  4. And I can only be scared as to how that reflects your mod setups 🤪
  5. Ha take that Riven mafia, all your Rivens are bad now 😂😂😂
  6. I recently went back into ACPC for the first time since cracking, because I realized I wanted to make my character a girl, which fortunately it let me do, but I found I was unable to change my name, Ricky, which is not actually my deadname, but I would sometimes use it in video games, and is probably more boyey than my actual dead-but-not-actually-dead-quite-yetname, so I really don't want to use it. I've been considering resetting my game. But I also don't want to lose my progress. It's not a huge amount, but it is significant. I sent an inquiry, it says they need some time to respond, but I doubt they'll let me change it.
  7. whts up u r hlixin in baroo's mazaar with quietcanada
  8. Without Rivens in mind, both are about equal and pretty solid overall. With Rivens in mind, both are subpar and you should look to other options in each category. Not only can Hind only roll -Slash for -IPS (no -Impact to remove annoying Impact procs is a non option), but it performs worse than even a good Paracyst or Hema for Burst (if you want a Burst Kuva weapon, Kuva Quartakk gets a thumbs up from me), half as well as a a good Latron for Semi (which isn't very impressive in itself), and Auto is worse than Prisma Gorgon/Prisma Grakata, Kuva Karak, etc. So basically if you don't care about Rivens, pick whichever you'd like. If you do care about Rivens, I'd recommend picking neither.
  9. Finally some Warframe. I am sure that the IcePhantom is excited about this one.
  10. Why are Infected Clip and Seeking Fury R10? Are they getting % changes? If so, will Elemental, Reload Speed, and Punch Through Riven Stats have different scaling to compensate?
  11. When do we get the AoE weapon Status Chance mod fix ty. Right now they still don't get affected by Status Chance mods.
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