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  1. Hmm interesting. Since it's just another weapon you build for Viral Hunter though, it's very hard to notice when fully built. In fact, this may actually be advantageous with -Impact in the state the game's damage system is in right now, due to the clouds still procing Viral but the initial arrow having a good chance to proc Slash from sc. Having the ability to switch between having damage with only a Cold mod to not having the Elemental damage on the initial arrow is definitely a bug and should get addressed, but it's really harmless for the main build you'd run on it now and actually advantageous if you had -Impact.
  2. Hitscan weapons aren't supposed to combine with Volt or the M Quanta bubble's Electricity bonus, but non-hitscan (projectile) weapons are. As an example, if you normally add Toxin to a projectile weapon, then the Electricity bonus is supposed to combine with it to make Corrosive. However, this clearly isn't working: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/648632021274329110/707689100651528293/InShot_20200506_162042180.mp4 I have Toxin modded on my M Quanta, and the projectiles are doing mostly Electricity with the Toxin rarely procing as well. Same thing happens for Volt's shield, as they function very similarly. I believe this broke when the Contagion + Volt fix shipped not long ago.
  3. This appears to just be a UI bug pretty sure
  4. thankns for dthe hotifx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Can I also know why a very nice dmg ms cc -punc unrolled Aksomati was showcased with such a poop build? Ty!
  6. You do realize that even before any status changes that no sc and -slash was best on Kohm Rivens, right? Not only that, but sc isn't relevant now. Best roll is dmg ms fr -slash even moreso now. Yeah these changes imo are incredibly stupid, but Kohm nerf makes complete sense.
  7. ty for m quanta nerf tyvm!!!!!! i am cryin By the way: Documented footage of savvy Riven traders on PC exploiting market knowledge 2020 (colorized)
  8. Fix Zarr Cannon mode bomblet status calculation please
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