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  1. For a circular saw, it's not doing the one unique thing I was expecting it to: to hit flesh and rip into it until I stop pressing the button (or run out of fuel / energy).

    When you announced we were able to ride it, I assumed (yeah, yeah) that meant as if it were a vehicle (i.e. until I stop pressing a button, run out of fuel / energy, or hit an obstacle), maybe slightly unstable so we'd be in for a wild ride.

    It doesn't have to be on-par for damage for me, so these buffs are meaningless. Its role could have been like the chainsaw in DOOM: perhaps not the most efficient weapon, but oh so much fun.

  2. 19 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Fixed Clients never getting Corrupted enemies if the Host isn’t encountering corruptible enemies in Void Storm missions. This was most commonly seen when the Host would stay on the Railjack while Clients boarded Crewships, POIs, Capital Ships, etc.

    Has that been extended to regular missions? It seems like the corrupting fissure follows one player around, and if that player is waiting in the extraction zone, good luck getting more reactant (if e.g. you joined late or missed some).

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  3. 4 hours ago, Didgitalpunk said:

    Awww, no EU store? really? again? I don't want to pay outrageous import fees like last year 😭
    You guys don't even separate the digital side of the purchase from the physical side on the shipping manifest, so all non-American buyers end up paying import fees on everything on the order, regardless of if it's a glyph, armor, and cosmetic in game items, or the actual physical stuff like the T-shirt or other bits and bobs.
    Please, fix this!

    I was gonna post something along the lines of this comment. Getting this stuff in Europe means paying import fees on the declared value of the package (fair enough), and then processing fees (13 euro here,) on top of that (/sigh). Having the declared value be the bundle's instead of just the merch pack's was ... frustrating.

    This year I'll probably just stick to the digital pack.

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  4. Can't play the game because: "Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers."


    This is in the logs:

    12.412 Sys [Warning]: GET /Lotus/Interface/Clan.lua!038_Bj9fi40P1+QV1rJGRPLFRg HTTP/1.1
    12.412 Sys [Warning]: Cache-Control: no-cache
    12.413 Sys [Warning]: Pragma: no-cache
    12.413 Sys [Warning]: Connection: Keep-Alive
    12.413 Sys [Warning]:
    12.414 Sys [Warning]: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
    12.414 Sys [Warning]: Cache-Control: max-age=10
    12.415 Sys [Warning]: Connection: Keep-Alive
    12.415 Sys [Warning]: Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 06:26:49 GMT
    12.415 Sys [Warning]: Content-Length: 0
    12.415 Sys [Warning]: Accept-Ranges: bytes
    12.416 Sys [Warning]: Age: 0
    12.416 Sys [Warning]: X-HW: 1618468009.dop155.am5.t,1618468009.cds227.am5.shn,1618468009.dop155.am5.t,1618468009.cds295.am5.s,1618468009.dop142.ny3.t,1618468009.cds158.ny3.c,1618468009.cds295.am5.p
    12.433 Sys [Error]: Fetch of /Lotus/Interface/Clan.lua failed!

    • TYPE: In-Game, Railjack Crew
    • DESCRIPTION: Resetting a crew member's skills removes their bio blurb origin story and sets the contract duration to "N/A".
    • REPRODUCTION: Hire a new crew member, [TRAIN] them and assign some points to their stats, hit [CONFIRM], then [TRAIN] again and [RESET SKILLS], [YES]
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Just their skills reset to their initial values
    • OBSERVED RESULT: In addition to having their skills reset, their bio blurb origin story and contract duration are removed. I'd call it a mind wipe, but they still know their names


    Edit: the bio blurbs seem to come back (after restarting the client?), the contract duration still says "N/A"

    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: When I finish an Earth Proxima mission and want to start the same or the next node at Earth, the map starts out at Pluto Proxima, requiring extra clicks.
    • REPRODUCTION: Unsure, but it seems to trigger when have your orbiter parked at one planet and then run a Railjack mission at a different one.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: I'm currently at Earth Proxima, the map should start at Earth Proxima
    • OBSERVED RESULT: The map starts at Pluto Proxima.
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: Most of the time, but the "wrong" Proxima depends on either where my Orbiter is or where I've previously (some time in the recent past, but before the current session) done an RJ mission
    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: Joined a crew at Erato, boarded a priority target, used my Necramech. Later on, tried to use my Necramech at the Orphix (straight hop from Warframe to Necramech), and got sent back to the Corpus ship, to the spot I first entered my Necramech, as if the game went "I dunno about you, but the last time I saw your Operator, she was way over there, so let's put her back there, before transferring you into your Necramech". Additionally, I couldn't transfer out, use my abilities, teleport to a fellow Tenno, Omni back to the ship or even leave the Corpus ship. My squad 3-manned the Orphix like bosses though. Dunno if this is relevant, but while the ping was low, gameplay was sluggish as if there was high ping and/or packet loss.
    • REPRODUCTION: Dunno, but try being client (with emulated latency?), use Necramech on a Corpus ship, try to use Necramech at the Orphix, hope to trigger the bug?
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Jump into Necramech at Orphix, kill Orphix, win all the things
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Jump into a Necramech, black out, find myself back on some Corpus ship I already left for dead
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  5. 6 hours ago, Graavarg said:

    [...] you are left with the shadow of what a truly integrated Railjack-normal mission could have been: part of you squad fighting inside the capital ship to complete the mission goal while the rest try to keep your Railjack alive, so you can get out of there.

    Or something like a data steal mission, where there's a hacking module that takes some time to get in, so you gotta defend the console. You can speed it up by e.g. boarding Crew ships or PoIs to hack their systems / kill their captains for decryption keys. So 1 or 2 go board the platform/ship, start the decryption and defend the console, 1 or 2 go AW / Slingshot to get keys, and 1 stays in the RJ to keep it alive.

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  6. 6 hours ago, Zeddypanda said:

    Defense missions stick out like a sore thumb, could use better integration. Maybe have us bring the cryopod on board and then spawn just a butt load of boarders and ships (with some enemies straight up teleporting on board) to really bring every aspect of railjack together. Shoot ships, fend boarders, forge resources, coordinate your crew. Could have been the coolest thing in the whole update with some effort.

    I would absolutely play that mission!

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  7. 7 hours ago, Jukantos said:

    You click that railjack node and it INSTANTLY queues you into any open public squad on the node. Unless no squads have open slots, you don't get to host. The on-railjack menu now does exactly the same as the join functionality via the starchart, which IMHO is probably just broken

    This is just another way the game is letting us know our once-glorious warships are now interchangeable glorified taxis. Yes, I'm in a mood.

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  8. 2 hours ago, -Augustus- said:

    WTF, you can't just launch a veiljack node and have people pub into the mission as it goes? How did that even get brought up, much less get implemented?

    You can, or at least you should be able to. But now you could get 3 players with a fully kitted out Plexus, or 3 players with an empty Plexus. To avoid the latter situation, you'll want to pre-form a group. Not all that different from e.g. 5x3 Eidolon, except what was nice about Railjack is that your Railjack could do most of the heavy lifting for new players.

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    • TYPE: Railjack Clan Research UI, minor edge case UI bug
    • DESCRIPTION: After starting research on a Mk II or III item, it shows the prerequisite block with "Not Researched"
    • VISUAL: yvT3Pd0.jpeg
    • REPRODUCTION: Research Mk I, then start Mk II, and without leaving the console, mouse over the item
    • EXPECTED RESULT: No prerequisite block
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Prerequisite block, and incorrectly showing the previous Mk I / II as "Not Researched".
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: It only seems to happen if you stay at the terminal after starting the research, it fixes itself if you leave and come back.
    • TYPE: Railjack UI, visual/info bug
    • DESCRIPTION: The Updates tab shows only some of the changes, and the wrong way around
    • VISUAL:
    • REPRODUCTION: Set up your Railjack, exit the RJ configuration UI, re-open the UI, change your shield or engine, then check the Updates tab
    • EXPECTED RESULT: Either just the new stats, or a full stat diff since opening the console
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Shows only the changes related to the components tab I just visited, and they're the wrong way around (e.g. going from 1500 shield to 2000 shows "2000 -> 1500")
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