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  1. Thinking of it you are right, didn't think how op is passive is and especially the 1 and 3 having their effects inverted makes more sense as you said. I'll edit the post tomorrow (if I don't forget that is).
  2. Fist of all Thank you for the feed back, i forgot to mention taht the trasformation is purely aestetic, the ability remains the same but with bonuses, It functions like Hydroid's 2.
  3. Hello, today out of nowhere I had the idea to create a concept for a Warframe (actually i got the idea from YouTube), and I came out with the concept of a knight Warframe. Before I start I need to clarify that I am no designer nor artist, i just like drawing, that doesn't mean that I'm any good at it, lastly if there are some grammar erros here and there it's because I'm not English mothertongue. Let's begin. Appearence Concept Stats Passive Abilities So the concept is this. Again it was just for fun, but hey if DE wants to use it... JK they won't even see the post. have a wonderful day. I changed some of the abilities due to them being too op, useless and/or making no sense thanks to feedbak in the comments, below are the old abilities
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