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  1. Bem vindo @[DE]Phil!!! Fica ae minha contribuição Espero que gostem do meu Necramech sendo trazido dos mortos pelo Nekros!!! ☠️
  2. When using the Velocipod skin on a K-Drive, it makes almost impossible to grind on any surface Using the same mods, but without the Velocipod skin, i can grind on pipes as long as I want Using Mag Locks mods seem to have NO effect on it, still being impossible to hold on surfaces during grind Maybe it has something to do with the "shape" of the k-drive, but i think it shouldn't affect it's usability, being just a skin and nothing else Here's a video showing my kdrive using the same mods, but changing only it's skin (HD version should be up soon) With skin: Grind discon
  3. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Cant insert canister into fissure as host, if party member insert it, it doesn't complete the objectives VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Not sure, but it seem to glitch more if the canister is placed by the host, or if the mobs are killed too fast EXPECTED RESULT: Fissure should be closed after all mobs died OBSERVED RESULT: Timer keeps running, no more mobs appear REPRODUCTION RATE: happens pretty often, almost half my runs with this mission had this glitch
  4. Same happened to me, in the same spot, he glitched after jumping down the ledge Not even with a Loki teleporting him to the marked spot helps https://prnt.sc/vnirvg
  5. Happened similarly to me (was going to post it but found your topic so i'll put my report here so we dont have multiple threads with the same subject) When doing isolation vault "Infested research" mission to get Sporothrix parts there is an error when you kill all mobs, and it doen't close the fissure. Also, while being host, the fissure doesn't show anymore after this error happens once, only a party member can insert the canister in the fissure to start the mission section, but after killing all mobs, nothing happens again https://youtu.be/2iGJ_xk6MKw
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