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  1. can confirm same happens on 1080p
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: %used of kitgun weapons has been reset VISUAL: When checking my profile, my tombfinger was about 20%-25% used, along with the Kuva Nukor, with about 40k kills REPRODUCTION: open profile > secondary > sort by used. Tombfinger is lower on the ranking EXPECTED RESULT: The %used and kill count should display an even higher number, this weapon was used for over an year and now it shows 1% used with less than 2k kills OBSERVED RESULT: %used shows as if the gun is new REPRODUCTION RATE: always. it's fixed on my profile https://img
  3. (This might be related) On my profile, i had over 40k with secondary Tombfinger but now it display less than 2k It was my go to secondary for over a year and now it has less %used than my >Twin Grakatas< lol https://imgur.com/a/ZfboCww
  4. i THINK this broke something I had the Tombfinger as my most used secondary, now its like on position 15 with less than 2k kills
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