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  1. Just going to address the last statement first. It's a game other hack and slashers allow you to hit multiple enemies. Saying it doesn't makes sense is not a good argument given the many insane things you can do in this game. If they were to only allow you to hit the first enemy the only reason is for balance not because it "makes sense. " Now regarding the single hit itself. People forget that there are plenty of melee weapons/stances that specialize in single target. Rapier and fist type weapons, pointed wind, malicious raptor, etc. All these options just have a forward cone-styl
  2. All the numbers in my initial post are just there to visualize that I wanted different Punch through properties for the different fire arms. The damage fall off btw doesn't start When the weapon is fired but after the first hit. Notice how I said subsequent enemy. I even said a reduction to damage for each enemy hit in each description. Meaning that the first enemy hit will always deal 100% damage. I didn't feel like I needed to explain all this. I'm not developing the system just merely explaining a potential way to even the playing field for guns vs melee. Heck since
  3. Rule of thumb when investing in rivens, always keep a healthy variety of weapons and rivens. Investing in 1 riven that cost 2k plat vs 10 rivens that cost 200 plat each. The first option provides a short term satisfaction compared to the second option. Also pay attention to the trends in trade chat and the community in general so you can make better purchasing decisions. Even some obscure weapons can be dispo nerfed if you notice it performing more than you realize with a riven.
  4. Hear me out. Melee has follow through why not guns? The most popular guns are all AOE in some form: Ignis wraith, fulmin, arca plsmore, acceltra, kuva bramma, etc. So why not just add punch through to all guns. Each enemy hit subsequently will have a damage falloff/reduction. Full auto 5-10 meters of punch through, with a 60% damage falloff per enemy hit Semi-auto 10-15 meters of punch through, with 80% damage falloff per enemy hit Sniper 20-25 meters of punch through, with a 90-95% damage falloff per enemy hit. Bows 50 meters of punch through, no damage fall
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