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  1. I like the original poster's idea. I set the ping limit in game, but ping isn't always the issue when connecting to a host. They can have great ping with horrible drops. Need to have the option to limit jitter too.
  2. Can you explain your first sentence? And how is Vauban dead? He has great group CC. I just want Loki's 4 to be buff to be better than Xaku's 2. A 4 should be better than a 2 right?
  3. I have this happen a bunch of times. Wonder if DE is aware of it?
  4. Her 4 is the most cowgirl thing there is and isn't she supposed to be a space cowgirl?
  5. I play mainly Vauban and I rely on the shock more than the attach. It's working fine for me.
  6. The way I want the changes, both the art team and the community can be satisfied, except maybe the programmers because they will have to code it.
  7. I know Synthesis targets aren't invincible, but it would be nice it Grasp's didn't target them as well. They die before I can scan them because the guns kill them.
  8. This would be a nice addition. I play Xaku a lot and the hard work into putting each attachment on just disappears. I wouldn't mind it slowly forming back over time. As the duration decrease more parts come back one by one or have all the broken parts stay on you but have the opacity turn low so it is see-through.
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