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  1. I think it'd be cool if there was a mission that started out as Defense, but after a number of rounds (maybe one, maybe four, etc.) the Defense Object opens up (maybe explodes open!?) and the operative inside climbs out, and it becomes a rescue mission. We could perhaps get loot drops like defense until it's a rescue, then get a specter for it. I'm not asking for a whole bunch of these, but I think it'd be neat to have at least one. Maybe on a certain moon that's near and deer to the heart of the Tenno.
  2. Right, right. They weren't expecting CORVID-19; Having to adjust to working from home; Having to throw together something from scratch. Totally, big props to them!
  3. I disagree strongly. (I haven't read any of the posts, just the headline, and I disagree strongly.)
  4. Ahoy folks! I'm aware that TennoCon wasn't originally planned to be virtual, and I'm sure a lot of people scrambled to put this very awesome event together, and you guys did a great job IMO. I went back into the TennoCon Relay and discovered it's mostly just a standard relay, with various non Tenno Folk hanging about, and also missing. So, I was thinking, maybe you guys could keep a Virtual TennoCon thing going. Still do TennoCon (Live) if possible (though, in the USA we might be fighting this Pandemic for the next three or more years - while the rest of the world will probably be fine, Pandemic-wise). But, doing a Virtual-TennoCon, with everyone buying a live ticket getting a Virtual Ticket as well, IF you guys do live/both... While others being able to get a Virtual Ticket that hopefully would be way less expensive, basically similar to how you guys did it this year with the Void Trader special and whatever else. Anyway, I think it'd be neat if the exhibits that we saw during the Stream were in rooms around the TennoCon Relay, after the Stream. (It's the reason I went back, I was hoping to look at the displays again.) Also, I think it would be cool if there were multiple obstetrical courses similar to the Dojo one, where everyone could compete over the weekend, perhaps even for more than bragging rights... though, I was thinking bragging rights was the main reason to compete. Maybe just participation, and up, badges, or insignia, etc. Heck, a trophy for the winner, top 10, top 100, top, 1000, to put in their Orbitor or Dojo (or both). I hate participation ribbons, but maybe a participation ribbon for those who tried. Every year the course could be different, and we can get our Ninja on, in an official competition obstetrical course. Going another step, there could be rooms that are similar to the Mastery and training. Players go in solo and compete for best times, taking out targets, etc. You could even use the already existing Mastery tests, except now people are competing for time... AND, to keep to special, only do this at and during Virtual TennoCon. People can practice in Simaris' place year around with their Mastery, the one above, and lower... And of course running missions is practice. But, during TennoCon the Tenno can come out and have the Tenno Olympics, and compete in these tests to see who's the best THIS/THAT year! Perhaps run special, again "special" being the key word, Conclave events, maybe with new maps, new rules (only pistols, only melee, etc.). =-=-= For that matter, while running a course for time is a race in itself; Running the course against people starting at the same time as you, an actual Tenno Race would be cool too. And if there's various difficulty courses for people to race on, people who aren't good at one course might be better at another, giving more people a chance to feel good about themselves! (and bad? Maybe? Losing is part of life!) Also, while I imagine the races being just races.. Might be fun to have one or a few races (but not all, please not all) where weapons are allowed. Mario-cart-ish Tenno Race! Oh, and racing on K-Drives, and Archwings! Sure, sure, hyptothetically we're doing this stuff every day we play the game anyway. There are races in chase, there are obstacle courses once a week with Maroo (we need more of those, BTW, IMO. [Keep the ones you have, but please add more to the rotation aye?]) And people can design their own obstacle courses in their Dojos and race each other there (A great place to mine ideas for courses, or heck, give the various Dojos props and rip their designs! [Of course, that gives them an advantage, if they've been running it for ages already.) Have a contest where people design courses in their Dojos specifically for TennoCon! =-=-= Another suggestion, instead of putting the TennoCon Relay on the map next to Earth, stick it next to the Sun, or right in the middle of the map on top of the Sun, and really big too... I'm one of the ones who went to the wrong Relay because I was told to go to the Relay by Earth for TennoCon. If I had heard, "Go to the TennoCon Relay" with out "Earth" I'd have looked harder and probably found it, or looked and asked for help and someone would have explained it to me. However, by having "Earth" and "Relay" in the same sentence, and the way I heard/was-told, remembered, I ended up at the wrong Relay. If there's never any Relays at the Sun, except during TennoCon, and if you make it huge and un-ignoble, then everyone can find it easily and it's also good advertising for the event. (Heck, you could show it in various stages of construction, to advertise the event coming up! Then like magic have it vanish after, because there's Magic in Warframe. Don't even bother with lore, just have it vanish, is my recommendation.) =-=-=-= Perhaps others can thing of and suggest other Virtual events to recommend for a Virtual TennoCon 2021 =-=-=-= P.S. Maybe next time do the trivia in-game somehow, I had a delayed video somehow and wasn't able to see media to answer media questions for the trivia quiz. I would have got them wrong anyway, but who knows, next year! =-=-=-= TennoCon should be like a giant Dojo, not just a relay. Floors for doing various things, floors for races, floors for combat rooms, floors for exhibits, floors for dancing and/or with areas to chill out. Places for people to specifically meet up with strangers like a con, Warframe to Warframe. A special room for Operators only, etc. You can't serve food, but I know at conventions I meet people everywhere, and the food court is one of the places. =-=-=-= Again, you guys did a great job. Props to all of you! Thank you for this great game, and a great event under the circumstances. I am looking forward to a Virtual TennoCon 2021, so, I hope you guys do it. - And again, by all means, I hope TennoCon Live is able to happen again in the future. =-=-=-= Maybe, do Virtual TennoCon the week before or the week after TennoCon Live. Week after might be better, that way the people who go to Live get to see everything first, and then after they've had a week to recover, they can participate in Virtual TennoCon the next weekend, assuming life permits.
  5. I'm all about this giving us a reason to replay the quests. Also, a little off topic, but did they specifically say you CAN'T add (transfer TO) new power to Primes? Because, I don't think they did. But (I should probably make a new topic) not allowing Primes to trade powers (as well as not being eaten) could give people a reason to collect non-primes and keep them, and a reason for people to use the lower-stated non-primes. But yeah, I'm down with a reason to redo the quests. =-=-=-= Most of the quests, I finish in a day. None took me more than two calendar days. =-=-=-= Also, it depends on how you define progress. Everyone's 'end game' has been moved, and you're still ahead of anyone starting out now.
  6. Maybe ask your clan for a room? Maybe move to a clan that gives you rooms? Maybe make the personal room more customization, go ahead and do a holo-deck, simulation or something on board, whatever. But honestly, I'm tired of having virtual houses in games and lose respect for games when they give players houses that are nothing but cosmetic. But, then that's just me. 😕
  7. I certainly didn't know the answers, players newer than me had no chance at all, and the worst thing for me... The thing that really frustrated me the most, not that it would have mattered, is that the questions would pop up asking, "What animation is this?" or "What skin is this?" Or "What monster is this?" Or whatever they were, and the video/picture/media would show up after the timer had counted down to zero points already, and like long after. I thought it was strange she was reading the questions after the timer was out, but thought maybe it was an intentional delay because the guy on camera was going to be giving answers (as a bit of a lark, sure). But, then when the media wasn't showing up until after the questions' timers are done, I had less than no chance.
  8. I've never used Kuva for anything, yet. But I already see Kuva everywhere.
  9. Sasuga

    Flawed Mods

    Flawed Mods should not be tradable IMO. Vor's Prize, repayable? YES PLEASE. Especially with the whole New Player Experience update.
  10. It does bother me when enemies are still walking around after I've met my quota of, "Kill Everyone." Part of the immersion could be fixed by changing the dialogue from, "Exterminate everyone," to "break the enemy" (as some missions talk about doing on the open worlds, for example: You've killed or destroyed enough of them to hurt them severely. - You've destroyed enough Moas... etc.) Another way they could do it, which doesn't change the mission dialogue and stuff, is to stop spawning enemies after a quota has been met, and then require all enemies to be dead. AS FOR it being a pain to hunt down the one enemy you may have missed, do a better job! Extermination gives you free enemy radar and the maps aren't really that large.
  11. I certainly have no idea who or what the O.P. is talking about. I did however meet Alad V. and have him telling me I can trust him this time around, even though he tried to kill me before, and thought to myself, "When did Alad V. ever try to kill me?" Then, last week, I finally ran the Alad V. mission. And then there's the Corpus woman(?) who explains how to do disruption missions, she talks to me like we're old friends, like I should know who she is, and I have no clue. She seems like she's from a quest that I've either forgotten, or haven't hit yet. I've had long discussions on these Forums about how Ordis should replace a certain Lotus, hands down, and people saying the reason Ordis can't is because it's tied to the map... but if that was the case, I don't know how we'd get certain effects that we get on that BLUE face of hers.
  12. Is that all? Come on, it's a game. We gotta have something to do in it. You just got 64 days more worth of stuff to do. Sure, sure, I'm sure you've got other goals as well, but if you're at the point where you're re-buying everything Simaris has to offer, then you've gotta be running out of stuff to do in the game. I sold my Wukong and another frame or more, today, and a few days ago I sold a couple of frames, only to find out what I found out today. I can only imagine how people who've played longer and sold off all their non-primes already feel. But, you literally just got a reason to replay those frames again, and a reason to do stuff. If they make it cheaper, everyone will blow through this new content-feature in a matter of days. Heck, I met a player who claimed to have finished The Steel Path in 3 days, and I believed them. Others beat it in under a week, clearly. I haven't played it, so I don't know how much actual new content was involved in The Steel Path's creation, or if it was literally just a number adjustment, but 3 days? Would you like to be done with the new content coming out in only 3 days?
  13. I always felt like the Orbiter was my home. And in our clan, every clan member has their own private room in the Dojo. And now there's no one in my clan, really, and I can destroy and build, and reshape our entire Dojo any way I want to.
  14. I will never be able to own an Excalibur Prime. It eats at me that I'll never be able to own an Excalibur Prime. But you know what? I've gotten in on the ground floor of other games, bought the equivalent of founder packs in them, sometimes also called, "Founder Packs." So I could have those special toys, that only founders, early adopters, etc. would get. And you know what? A year later, or a few months later, they opened those items up for everyone to get those items. You know what happened after that? The games tanked, they're dead now. I don't play them (I'm here playing Warframe). I've gotten into other games NOT on the ground floor, not as a "Founder," and saw other players with shiny toys that I thought I'd never be able to get. Then, they got opened up to everyone. In some cases, I was able to get them. In other games, they required cash and I didn't feel like putting the cash in, or couldn't, but everyone could still get those Founder Packs. Heck, look on Steam, you'll see a ton of games that let people upgrade to the Founder or whatever they call it on a per game biases. Sometimes it's just Delux, which doesn't imply the prestige. In any case, I wish I could get an Excalibur Prime, but if I were able to do so, I'd lose respect for DE. It's a catch 22 of sorts. Anyway, you'll probably be able to get this gun later. It's not as big a deal as buying a Founders Pack, or buying a ticket to TennoCon 2020. It was just a reward for watching the stream, I'm sure it'll come back around and be released at a later date for everyone.
  15. I sold some frames today, just before the stream started and was so saddened. Of course, people who've sold more frames over time probably feel even more, ugh. But, hey... so we have a reason to farm more. 😕
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