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  1. I guess it was me cause it works now.
  2. Ever since I purchased a prime accessory pack once, I've been able to deploy 4 resource extractors in the navigation panel. However, since last update (Wukong prime update 25), the fourth resource extractor no longer deploys: I click on planet, click on deploy, pick one of my extractors, deploy it, all looks good, click out of the planet, but when clicking back into same planet the extractor is not deployed at all. Is it me or is it a bug? please help.
  3. NEED the alerts, can't play game anymore cause now I need to dig into the navigation console and invest more time to get a mission going... Quick play missions are gone now and I need them in order to play.... syndicate missions, invasion missions, void missions all those i play when I need the rewards they give... but what do i play now when i only want a nightwave reward? go to the planets and replay the same missions again? I honestly think removing alert missions was a bad move (nightwave and stuff is a good addition though, removing alerts is not)
  4. One question: what does this mean for me? Does this change the stats on my rivens?
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