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  1. Good news, these skins are purchasable for 50,000 Entrati standing, not plat. There is another issue though; it has both the K-Drive energy trail and the Velocipod energy trail at the same time, but the Velocipod trail can't be recolored.
  2. I don't have an issue with these being offered by an NPC instead of in the market, but it does raise an important issue: will discount coupons work on them if they aren't in the market? I happened to get a 50% discount coupon today after these were added to the game and it turns out that the answer is no, discount coupons can not be applied to these items. I also added the sigil to my wishlist to see if it would be applied there, and it turns out you can't even buy it from the wishlist. Not gonna lie, kinda disappointed. I hope this trend doesn't continue or it might make discount coupons near
  3. Weird, just got a hotfix adding the new prime vault last night. Wonder what this one is for then.
  4. Really glad to see javlok capacitors and nav coordinates added to the bile pool. Easy to farm passively and otherwise not of much use. Now if only we could feed it Oberon component blueprints! I just got the grab bag, but couldn't read what it was for since the text was glitched. Thanks for the goodies!
  5. Fingers crossed! Edit: Thanks for the ETA! Pity it couldn't make it through cert on schedule.
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