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  1. That strikes me as an odd decision, if that is the case, but I'm sure I've had people tell me they had DNA drops in that quest, as it's one of the most catty quests of them all. (Also, sidenote, DE? At some point, we need to talk about Baro's choice of words upon entering that second mission...)
  2. Heya, I've been trying to get kavat scans since almost as soon as I started playing this game, however the DNA never seems to drop. I just completed the second trip to Mars in the Inaros quest, and got attacked by a whole slew of feral kavats, and scanned as many of them as I could using the Simaris scanners. According to my stats, I got 21 scans out of that mission, but still not even one DNA sample dropped. Am I doing something wrong, or is there something up with the drop rate? Or... Does the game just hate me? ;_; (Why does everything I touch die? ;_;) Cheers.
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