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  1. I dont think you understand. Plat is heavily discounted on PC. You could get 1500 platinum at 1/3rd of the cost on console. Having less platinum on consoles effects the markets prices. We sell much lower than on PC because of it. What you're suggesting would have some very big effects on the market. DE isn't going to allow plat moving, its not going to happen.
  2. No because the platinum discounts on PC are too high, it would dilute the market on console.
  3. That reward sucks. Yay lets farm for a lesser version of wukong for only 24 hours. Redo the rewards please.
  4. One is not enough. MORE BOOM MORE BOOM!!!!!
  5. The shoulder piece is dope. I love how it acts as a syandanna at the same time. Probably one of their best armor pieces yet. Gotta give kudos to whoever came up with the design.
  6. Of course I get your point, I can't say if Dedicated servers would help any more than the current system, thats why I didnt say we should get rid of peer to peer. They should just keep improving it instead.
  7. Well you and I have very different views then, because time is a valuable commodity that you cannot get back so losing 5 or so hours is certainly a big deal for me, given that I don't have a lot of free time to begin with.
  8. No its not the hosts fault particularly. Internet hiccups happen. Its the fault of the system for host migrations for not putting those other 3 players back together. Thats my argument if you had actually taken the time to read it, was my stance from the beginning in the OP. Hasnt changed one bit.
  9. 3 occasions where I missed out on rewards, one in a 2 hour survival not being a big deal? As rare as it may be, thats a poor reason to dismiss it as not being an issue that needs attention brought and fixed. Your counterpoints are weak mate.
  10. Quite clearly said 50MB's. I know the difference between megabytes and megabits thank you very much.
  11. How is it not their fault? Host left, migration failed. Who's to blame here the user? For the migration failing which the player had no input on its decision? Come off it mate, thats a absurd argument. I know how servers work, I don't however know how DEs servers work. Big difference there. Maybe you shouldn't try to twist my argument, you should know better than to do that shameful tactic. You're right its not on me to do cost calculations. Maybe DE has maybe DE hasn't, I can't claim either way, I dont work for DE. Tell me. Why are you treat DE as if they can do absolutely no wrong. You do realise companies dont give you any good boy tokens for defending them. It doesnt pay to be a shill.
  12. Can you prove that it is my Internet? No so thus the argument is at a stalemate. I see this tactic being used in every single game I've seen complaints of online multiplayer. Forum warriors are quick to rush and blame the players, despite the amount of numerous other complaints, many of which have garnered over hundreds to thousands of upvotes on reddit oh but what am I saying of course its just an isolated issue with that player and their "terrible internet".
  13. Host migrations failing has only happened maybe three times in over a thousand hours. Rare as it may be its still a big problem and one thats been talked about to death on here and on reddit for years now.
  14. iTz yOUr InTerNet. How? How is it my internet? You have yet to explain how host issues are caused by ME and not THE HOST. How are doors being locked to anyone other than the host my problem? You realise that is a matter of fact a host problem, nothing to do with the other player. Also as a matter of fact, yes I do get 10 ping on every other game, no I do not have wifi, I use high speed fiber with average speeds of over 50MBs so no, don't blame my internet. That's always the go to excuse of every forum warrior to shift any blame from DE or any other gaming company whenever people complain about their online experience. Frankly tired of that dried up, copy paste response.
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