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  1. I realize the new content should be a bit of a grind so veterans don't run through it in hours/days. I do think however, the murmer gathering time is a bit too much of a grind. Just my opinion.
  2. So far, pretty happy with all the changes every where for melee. My complaints so far is that even with the massive boost to Heavy Attack damage, they still don't seem worth it. Especially against high level units or crit builds with blood rush on them. The other is with the nerf to Bloodrush, the way it interacts with base critical chance instead of modded critical chance, makes it less of an incentive to use other crit chance mods. It's now more cost efficient to just throw on another elmental to increase damage. Heavy attacks need more AoE, instant, or guaranteed status proc. If I knew that my heavy attack would have a guaranteed damage proc like heat, gas, toxin, or slash - I'd be a little more happy using it. Edit: After reading a comment, I agree that heavy attacks suck too because sometimes your target moves during the charge time. Whether they attack you, get knocked down, or run after something else.
  3. Agreed. You've already said everything that needed to be said but just adding a "upvote" or "like" wasn't enough for me.
  4. With a Furax Wraith and a Riven that adds +25 initial combo, I can initially start with 3x (45 hits) combo. However, at some point, it stops counting the riven and only starts at 20 combo. Noticed this while doing ESO. Also, Destreza Prime was not consuming combo stacks while using (non-aerial) heavy attacks in the simulacrum. Haven't tested it outside it.
  5. I swear that sometimes abilities reset the timer too. This also becomes an annoyance if you bring weak primary/secondary to level and your only strong weapon is a melee weapon. Which I've done in Kuva survival quite a bit. Once you draw aggro, you've got very limited options unless you want to reset the extraction timer.
  6. For how long you keep the buff and the decay - it's practically an on demand arcane avenger.
  7. You guys realize you can literally add +50% base crit chance to any melee weapon with the naramon school for a short period of time? You can also open them up to finishers with a single void dash. Exodia brave? Arcane trickery? Don't be so narrow minded.
  8. Can't speculate imo. With the amount of changes in stances, the balance pass, and the theorized riven pass. No clue who will come out "on top".
  9. DR aside. Kreska and Twin Basolk have innate heat damage as well. With the Kreska also having slash damage. We'll see the stats after they're released though.
  10. What's the point of sparring weapons? Fist weapons? Gunsen? It's for variety.
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