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  1. (MR29 that plays anything from lith fissures to 3 hour disruption arbitrations) I use dodge all the time in game even at low levels. I do also use block a lot since I tend to equip my melee very often.
  2. I agree and you can find similar results to Kitguns iirc. However, I'll play Devil's advocate for a moment and say that whoever was responsible for balancing it, did so on the understanding that the damage number can be multiplied many times over. It's not just a difference of base damage vs base attack speed. On the other hand, I'm usually not satisfied with my melee attack speed unless I have Arcane Strike and Berserker fully activated on a weapon with at least base 1 attack speed.
  3. I'm miffed because I was counting down the minutes precisely and happened to refresh that certain post. I wanted to be among the ones that posted in the first few pages. 😤
  4. Man, it said the thread would be unlocked after an hour. It unlocked at like 54/55 minutes. I WAS A TAD BIT LATE! Seriously though...
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. I’m fairly certain this is the reason they sped up the animation
  7. Was just in the Vallis, didn't have a problem with beacons
  8. Thank you so much for adding this. Is it possible to also add combinations in the future? I have a mix of Proto/Deuter and would be very interested. Very welcoming change. Also glad to hear of all the fixes.
  9. Check again at different combo tiers. It does the same heavy damage regardless if you're at 12x or at 2x and it still consumes the combo.
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