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  1. Currently when swapping vehicle loadouts, only the archwing/gun/melee and kdrive gets swapped. But the heavy weapon and necramech are now part of the vehicle loadout yet they aren't tied to loadouts. If I want to change my necramech i'd have to and manually swap it out every single time instead of just changing my loadout. Please make it so.
  2. Prowl drains 1 point of energy per second while stationary and drains 3 energy per second while walking. Additionally, melee attacks consume 2 energy per hit, and taking damage consumes 10 energy per hit. Prowl will end if Ivara runs out of energy, if certain maneuvers are performed that break the cloak, or if deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 3 ). Taken from wiki.
  3. Am I blind or is there no wreckage markers for corpus railjack? I've been wondering whether the Gox fighters drop tables where even legit seeing as how I never once got a wreckage from killing them. Yet after closely following a Gox fighter and killing it. I did manage to see a purple tinted drop indicating it was a wreckage, it was so tiny that I could've missed it if I wasn't right ontop of it. This lead me to ask, why is there no purple icon marker indicating there is a wreckage there? Care to explain how this is something that was passed by? Edit: I just did a solo farm on corpus rail
  4. There is honestly just bad flow from the game. Currently the new railjack missions is basically railjack, then transitioning into a defence/exterminate/volatile/orphix mission. This to me is just bad flow. This also forces everyone to be doing the same thing when in the first showcase of Railjack, it was players doing different things all at once for the overall mission. Also the % of the content just doesn't make sense. In the new missions, the exterminate/defense/volatile/orphix takes more time to do the than actual railjack portion of the mission. What's the point in playing Railjack when I
  5. I am a bit concerned about the Plexus. From the looks of it there is no aura polarity bonus or we will have to add a polarity to the aura first, and there is a limit of 30 capacity? Is there a option to add a reactor to boost to 60? If not, then it would appear there is not going to be a need for a bit of forma investment to fit a build onto the Plexus.
  6. Going to ask to make sure, is this just for railjack? or all missions including the base game? Because I saw in the video it said ALL, yet this is trying to tell me otherwise.
  7. While using Titania's fairy form it unsummons pets, but when you hop into operator mode and energy runs out she goes back into her full size, yet the pet stays unsummoned. This does not happen if you are not in operator mode. While this isn't a major issue, it does suck running around without a pet to vacuum energy orbs to refill energy.
  8. Hopefully that fixes a lot of bugs since most of them occur because of client to host issues.
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