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  1. Crewships not 1 shotting you is a lie. Currently the only safest way to board a crewship is to use the slingshot and board, then use teleport and repeat. Even with ameshas 1, if you are low on charges there is a chance the crewship can kill you before you can even recast the ability. Half the time I die to crewships is simply because there is a lack of warning you are being shot at bu the crewship or that it's even there.
  2. Just had a situation happen where the host used all his revives and we finished the mission but where stuck with no option to use the nav console, in the end everyone aborted. This really ruins the flow of the game. From playing Empyrian, you notice this is actually slightly worse than free roam in PoE or OV. Let's assume the Railjack is the hub like Cetus and Fortuna, that would make the navigation console the bounty giver and the warp is basically the cetus gate or fortuna elevator. In Free roam anyone can simply go back to the gate or elevator if they want to extract, or leave squad if they want to extract solo. This option is not available in the Railjack. The fact that only the host can access the nav console makes it worse at griefing and being held hostage. Also the once you start a mission, there is no way to use the nav console if you simply decide you don't want to do the mission after starting it. In the end you need to abort. My suggestion is simply to make it so the small area around the nav console be a extraction point or something similar. 50% of the squad (alive) must be standing within the area to access the console, which any of the players can access. Plus the console must not be locked once a mission has started and be free to go to other missions without completing the objective. For example a group of players go to a mission, they find out they can't do the content because they are under equipped. They gather around the nav console and select a new mission, off they go. TLDR; Make the nav console area a extraction point with 24/7 access while in active missions.
  3. Clanmate says the blueprints drop from boarding parties on your railjack. The grineer galleons will constantly launch boarding crew, you wait for them to board your ship and kill the enemies to get the blueprint. Lmao, I read it as you board their ship and kill them to get blueprint. So best bet is to just beef up your railjack and do the easiest mission and let galleon send boarding crew.
  4. Care to clarify some more? If a person that traded for a specific lich but already has a current active lich, will the traded one overwrite the current one? Meaning they don't have to do it? Maybe soon we will have people rolling random liches, if they don't like it, they trade for one they want to do which overwrites the one they didn't. Then they can keep repeating this and only doing liches they want to do. Awesome, but at what cost.... I guess this IS actually the system players where hoping for to not have to do the lich they wanted to skip. Except in a super convoluted way in a p2w kind of way.
  5. Yes, definitely we should send our liches to planets with a chance to take over the planet in our own instance, and earn free resources from that planet for the amount of players running missions there.
  6. Okay, even so. After thinking about it more, essentially this kuva lich trading is basically riven mod trading. Waiting for trading chat to be spammed with WTB> Kuva lich with Vengeful Toxin Ephemera 400p. Also it doesn't help to fix what players originally wanted, which was a way to NOT have to do the kuva liches that they got if they happened to not want them or if they were dupes. I might just be jumping to conclusions but this is just what it feels like when they don't fully explain systems they plan to implement. It's like making a card game without explaining the rules.
  7. TRADE YOUR LICH - If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player, who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system will be coming soon, including the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System! Hold up, is this THE kuva lich trading system we are getting? or one of the ways we can trade liches? I am also not understanding what this even says. So our converted liches can be traded to someone else so they can get their weapon/ephemera? How? We go out of our trouble to convert a lich we don't want, so we can give it to someone else, and then they can get this lich as their nemesis? They do the whole shebang and then can choose to vanquish or convert the lich as well? Exactly how does this help anyone who just doesn't want to do their current lich? I thought about it some more and ended up at the conclusion that this is simply riven trading all over again is it not? We convert liches, basically turning them into rivens. Then we trade the liches to others who want said rivens for other rivens we want or pay with platinum.
  8. Care to elaborate more on the Stockpiled Kuva Weapons? For example, can you transfer the status bonus type? Like I have a Kohm +28% heat with all my forma's and what not. But I find a Kohm +49% toxin to combine, will I end up with a Kohm +49% toxin with all my forma's? Or will this only apply to same weapons with same status type or just same weapon in general?
  9. After the update where pets have their own tab, not sure if this broke it or not. But anyways if you have a active pet and switch them with a different pet(stasis), before the update, the new pet would replace all the loadouts the previous pet was in. Now in this update, the pet is removed and it's not replaced. It appears if you don't touch a loadout that still has old pet, and reactivate old pet, the loadouts will be untouched. Pls fix this, I do not want to be checking my pet tab for every single loadout every time I swap active pets. Or simply put pet tab back into warframe tab.
  10. With the Bastille augment, if I throw down 4 bastilles ontop of each other, and I change them into a vortex I except the vortexes to combine and have the duration of 4 vortexes. Not just having them each act as their own vortex. Also I am going to be honest, I hate this ball throwing mechanic, I know this is Vauban's thing, but when throwing a bastille or vortex at long range and trying to follow it up with a photon strike, the photon strike doesn't usually land anywhere near it unless using same trajectory. So unless Vauban is supposed to become a stationary trebuchet, I don't see why this is a thing. Increase the throwing speed, remove or lower the ball drop or something.
  11. Oof, I do not like the change to his #4, not even sure what the point of the knockback in such a small area is good for, would be useful if you actually intend to ignore the enemies but as a damage ability that seems horrible. How many bounces will be needed to kill scaling enemies and such. At least with the way it was before you could gather the enemies up before killing them. Maybe use this but also have the old #4? Where while using #4, you can press #1 and gobble up enemies as well.
  12. Will Grendel's alt helm be included in the NW intermission shop or will we need to wait for NW series 3 for that?
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