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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Yareli becomes permanentley nullified until death VISUAL: https://imgur.com/QMp2QWW (been trying to upload a video but my internet is not helping) REPRODUCTION: activate exalted k-drive, enter nullifier field, kill nullifier with an AoE weapon (the one am using is sporelacer) in a way that yareli gets knoked down EXPECTED RESULT: being able to cast abilities afte killing the nullifier OBSERVED RESULT: Yareli gets permanently nullified until death REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time
  2. I'm not gonna lie, I would much rather that frames got a "Zephyr treatment" instead of using helmith on them, but the thing is, with the data they get from helmith usage they can have a much better idea of what people dislike, and with the envigirations they can get data on what frames people wiuld like to boost but don't find a good ability to put on them, remember that the zephyr rework got released after the helminth, that means that reworking or buffing frames is not outside DE's priorities even with Helmith existing
  3. The name implies it will not be equipable with hell's chamber (just like you can't put true steel and sacrificial steel together) but it will most likely be equipable with vigilante armaments
  4. In the video they mentioned that mercyless arcans would trugger with any type of kill, ¿Does this count kills using abilities?
  5. The thing about buffing is that not all abilities can be fixed with a simple number change, you could buff Inaros sandstorm for example, by increasing its damage, but the problem with sandstorm is that it offers no strategic advantage and even though it looks cool at first, its charm is lost pretty quickly, you cant change that with a simple number increase.
  6. I wouldn't be so sure to call this "forcing us to use warframes we don't like" I see it more as giving us a reason to use warframes we don't regularly use. Yes, an extra ability stregth buff might be out of other warframes reach, but some warframes have a damage output so low that an extra buff may just put them on par with others instead of breaking the game, as to events, Ill just say that we had the riven system for a while now and they have not broken any event yet (not that I know of at least, feel free to correct me if im wrong) and even if they have, the truth is that by being limited to particular players they can hardly affect scores which are determined by all the members in a clan
  7. If that was the case you could very easily consume any other "can of pickles" offered by someone else without making much of a drama and yet you choose to stick with warframe for some reason. If all games are as generic as you claim they are instead of going to the forums to express your opinion you would just play any other game out there whenever DE does something you don't like and yet here you are expressing your worries about a game that, by your own words, does not offer anything unique from others out there. Im sure they read some if it, but doubt they read and remember all, as to changing stuff, I think is more likely they keep some suggestions in mind (if at all) and then decide to implement them or not based on feedback once the update launches
  8. dude, serious question, have you ever created anything in your life? Wether it is a meal, a drawing or a short story? Because by your description you seem to be under the assumption that creative work only takes as much time as implementing the final touches and that is just not the case, anyone who has written a script, (wether it is for code, a play, or a show) drawn a picture or filmed a video can tell you that there is a ton of work in designing and set up before those touches ar finally implemented: an artist does not just draw something amazing out of nowere, they set up a bunch of guidelines and shapes and what not in order to create the image they want o achive, a writer does not write a great novel by typing away, they carefully create the characters of the story, how they interact with one another, ect. And as to the weapons, you can't just put a high number and call it a day, you need to take into account how hard the weapon is to get to make it worth it, also consider the fire rate, aoe (if it has any), reload speed, all of the little things that make a weapon a unique choice, and even after all that, there will be a number of weapons that stand out among the rest because with with more than 400 weapons you are bound to make make some really good ones and some loosy ones (if you draw 10 pictures there is bound to be some better than others) and most people gravitate towards efficiency, that is something you just can't help when there are so many units (or in this case weapons) into play. On a different note, if the scalable power is implemented in a way similar to what you suggest, there would still be a reduced meta based on the weapons that get the greatest power output with the smallest investment possible
  9. Rather than "too much work" is a thing about the time it would take, time that could be used in making stuff the player base has shown it likes, and as to every weaoon being viable I'll just say that a lot of people would feel scammed if the high level weapons had the same damage output as the starter rifle, and if you really REALLY like a low level weapon that does not perform well on high levels there are always lith/meso fissures you can do that grant the same amout of ducats as high level missions so outclassed weapons still have a place in the game.
  10. Twiking every weapon stat would be very time consuming and inefficient because of the number of weapons, besides that, I eould like to address the fact that a lot of people seem to think that a balanced arsenal means every element being equally good when that is not the case: a balanced arsenal means that there is a correlation between player input and damage output, you can't posibly expect that a weapon like the braton that you can get as a starter or buy built with credits to have the same damage output as a kuva bramma that you need to get from a lich. Yes these mods may make them outstand even more but thats because most non melee were already outclassed by most regular melee in terms of player input-power output, and thats the gao they aim to close
  11. As I was farming murmurs one of the thrals got stuck behind some stairs in the grineer ship deffense tile, now, ussualy this isn't much of an issue since a regular aoe weapon or slam attack is enough to take them down, but with it being a thrall, it would stay lifeless waiting for the mercy kill I was unable to deliver because of his location. Now, this didn't seem like much of a problem since the waves kept advancing, but at the last wave the mission refused to finish because of the unexecuted thrall
  12. Not in devstream, but the next day they said it would be aquablades
  13. The problem I see with pvp is that warframes are not designed for pvp, you may think is a matter of putting a bunch of players in a room and turning on friendly fire but there are a bunch of stuff that goes into designing pvp stuff, if we take for example League of legends (totally different genere I know, but is the one other hero based multiplayer game Im more expirienced with) you can see that champions telegraph their abilities, most abilities can't be spammed like crazy, abilities that cause the most damage can only do so via team coordination etc. Warfame on the other hand has stuff like equinox's nuke or mesa's dps, wich are a blast to use, not gonna lie, but in a pvp enviroment would be seen as an unfair overpowered move, that does not mean they are bad abilities, it just means they are designed for a specific enviroment
  14. I'm sure nothing will be done in the near future because drop chances aren't that low YET, and "yet" is the keyword here, right now drop chances are somewhat tolerable, but with the addition of new wepons in the future (by "future" I mean after sisters of parvos) it can become quite a pain, and sure, DE is all about extending playtime with rng and other means, but if they were ok with indefinetley reducing drop chances then they would not vault frames and weapons reducing the relic drop table to a managable size
  15. I think I did't make myself clear, what I refer to as a "lucky hit" is a lich with the weapon you are looking for regardless of bonus damage, and considering that low % are more common (according to the wiki) chances are you'll get a bunch of those to max out the weapon, which sure, it is possible with the current drop chance but may be too much of a pain in the future if enough lich weapons are added
  16. Yes, you can trade them, but if the general drop chance becomes too low prices will get too high because of the limited supply and become something like the loki prime set: way too expensive for what it actually is (not that loki is bad, just that he is way more expensive than other great frames like mesa or saryn) besides, you can also trade prime sets but that hasn't prevented DE from applying the void relic regulation with the vaulting system and use regular unvaultings to prevent prices from becoming too high
  17. That is true, however I think there are a few factors worth taking into account: 1: rivens don't give maestry and kuva weapons do: sure not everyone is interested in being mr 30 and beyond but for the people who are a constantly reducing drop chance may be way too frustrating. 2: you only need to get a riven for a desired weapon once: the elemental bonus system means you have to aquire a weapon multiple times if you want to get it to that sweet 60% bonus, with a constantly reducing drop chance there would be a point where having multiple lucky hits would be next to imposible. And 3: as great as a riven can be, they rarely bring something new to the overall expirience (at least in my case) while a kuva weapon can, granted there are buch of kuva weapons that you can safeley skip but there are also cases like the bramma or nukor that really are worth having, that is if the chance to spawn a lich with then isn't too low to make it worth the trouble
  18. Sure, but there is a difference between keeping drop chances low and making them idefinetley smaller, as I said, they already addressed a similar issue in the past with the prime vault: instead of letting all the relics be avalible at the same time they restrict the relic drop tables to a managable size instead of having a drop chance below 1%
  19. right now there are 16 kuva weapons that can be spawned with a lich, that means that if you´re looking for a specific weapon you have a 6.25% of getting the one you´re looking for (assuming you´re only looking for 1 weapon). Now, low drop chances have been in warframe since I started playing but what I´m worried about is that with the addition of new kuva weapons that number will only get lower (5.26% with the upcoming kuva hek, zarr and gratller), DE has already faced a similar problem with prime equipment via the prime vault wich reduces the relic drop table size but I don't know if "vaulting" lich weapons is the way to go (would make things a bit too similar) but I do think it is something that needs to be addressed since chances are DE will keep adding new ones. What I was thinking (wich can be very easy or very hard to implement depending on how are the drop tables actually set up) is that if a player sapwns and defeats a kuva larving but does not execute it, that player will be unabe to spawn another Larving with the same weapon again for a limited period of time, and the player can repeat this process untill the weapon he is looking for reaches 100% drop chance or the drop table reaches a pre-defined minimum size. That is the solution I came up with, but I don't know if any of you have a different solution to this problem
  20. I put the blame on the people who complain about the content being too short without realising that an activity that is enyoyable for 1 hour may become a pain in 3
  21. right now there are 16 kuva weapons that can be spawned with a lich, that means that if you´re looking for a specific weapon you have a 6.25% of getting the one you´re looking for (assuming you´re only looking for 1 weapon). Now, low drop chances have been in warframe since I started playing but what I´m worried about is that with the addition of new kuva weapons that number will only get lower (5.26% with the upcoming kuva hek, zarr and gratller). are there any discussions or plans to adress that constantly reducing drop chance?
  22. warframes have auras, and melee has stances, is there any plan or discussion about having an aquivalent for guns? I think it would be a nice addition for guns, not so much the mod effects but for the posibility of increasing the max mod capacity beyond 60 (aside from kuva/granum versions), it may not seem like much but that extra 10/14 capacity really helps in the melee/ warframe modding
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