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  1. Quite often when coming out of a slide, my Warframe or operator will come up in a crouching position, even when I've let go of the crouch button, as if the function is a toggle function rather than a tap-to-switch function. Pressing the crouch button in this state will cause the Warframe or operator to stand up and normal service is resumed. I've also noticed this happening, but not as frequently, with the fire button, where sometimes the weapon continues to fire even after I've let go the fire button - again, stuck on as a toggle until I press the fire button once more to turn it off. I'm used to this bug now and haven't thought to report it but after so many updates and hotfixes, it still remains. There is no option on the control scheme to have these function as toggles, so I'm not sure what's going on. It can be incredibly frustrating (something Warframe does very well, eh) when this happens mid fight especially orbs and eidolons. Any frame, any set up. 10th December 2019
  2. Yep this is still happening, I have a rather large dojo, many elevators, when going down I slowly sink through the elevator floor then drop-fall to the bottom. Every time, any frame, any fashion set up, tried different graphics settings, still happens so, collision detection? 10th December 2019
  3. Nothing to do with the hardware, the port isn't the issue. Play on switch because it's s handheld and motion controls are awesome. Nintendo worried about SD cards and update life cycles, lots of people leaving the switch version and or praying for cross saves. Future updates are probably going to be unTENNOble (sorry) on switch but for now it's a great game to play in bed or at work I mean outside anyway, the switch wasn't supposed to be as successful as it has been and games like Warframe were not part of the plan re internal storage lol. Warframe on switch is fine, it's great in fact, but it's swollen and Nintendo are being Nintendo. Now, if they bring out a switch pro, with large storage and quicker GPU type gubbins, we can all be friends again.
  4. ....Warframe on switch was about 25 gigs before a massive rebuild over the summer, when they amalgamated a load of the assets and basically tuned the entire game down to sub-20 gigs. I have always used internal storage for the game (I've had one or two corrupted SD cards and Warframe is my main game so hate relying on them) and never actually been unable to fit the whole game on the internal storage. The old blood won't raise the file size up to the previous maximum size so internal memory (with nothing else on there) can still be used. It's possible that Nintendo are more aware now of the update nature of live services and the effect this can have on slower / cheaper SD cards, and want to avoid anything that could potentially damage an SD card and bring bad PR to Nintendo themselves. Whichever way you slice it, this is demonstrably NOT a DE problem. Yes there are bigger games on switch but how many of them have huge regular updates like Warframe? So, the onus here is clearly on Nintendo. Your ire should be directed at them, not DE. The fact that DE are even engaging in this discussion, rather than just saying 'speak to Nintendo we've done our bit' says a lot for them. Are DE supposed to cripple the pc and console versions of Warframe just to fit in with Nintendo? Or are they supposed to create a cut down lite version specifically for switch? I would hope not. That they are cramming this game on to a HANDHELD is miraculous enough. Think about where you're directing your anger is all. Even better, think about dropping the anger altogether and enjoying what we already have. DE haven't given up on Nintendo, so I certainly won't.
  5. Remember: they can also hear you, and bullet jumps count as an attack, and the line of sight is pretty horizontal so avoiding it by jumping is possible. To avoid heavy landing without having to roll, try briefly pressing the aim glide button for a second before landing, this softens and quiets your landing whilst maintaining inertia. There are jump and aim glide mods plus hush mods for your weapons (effective making any weapon silent) and drift mods that help with gliding and such. Try gliding over them and landing directly behind them, turning 180 and killing them - make sure any hit is going to be a one hit kill, in case you miss the stealth kill. Operator mode when crouching (void mode) is effecitve in making you invisible too. But if the game is actually properly booked in this mission, why not add this question under the next prime time or Dev stream comment thread? They do read all of them. Good luck tenno! People are still passing mr9 so it must still be possible, but having to find an exploit or cheese to pass it equals a broken level.
  6. When you unveil a riven, you generally get 20k XP points as well as revealing the riven...what exactly is that xp, and what does it go toward, or add to? It isn't mastery rank affinity or weapon affinity, I've looked online but can't find the correct search term. I've unveiled tons of these things but only now stopped to think about it. I unveiled a shotgun riven just now, and got 24,000 XP !! ...what is that? What stat or level does it effect?
  7. The above examples are understandable spawn issues, but my own personal gripe - and this is a major bugbear - is trying to solo void fissure interceptions. At higher levels, not a problem, enough enemies to kill to drop enough reactant, but on lower tiers, it's possible to finish an entire round with very little reactant dropping from the few enemies that spawn. As these are relatively small and/or enclosed spaces, thus cannot be a path finding or breaking issue, there just aren't enough bad dudes coming you can juggle giving up towers to the enemies to extend the time spent, but really, shouldn't the amount of reactant scale with the number of players/ number of enemies? I'm not purposefully soloing, by the way, so I'm ok with the idea that this is just something you need a squad to do properly (a la the index but that's another story) but it just seems a bit out of synch with other game modes where you're relying on enough bad guys to spawn to complete the mode properly. It'd be nice if you could somehow 'antagonise' the game to produce more enemies, some kind of buff or consumable that floods the level in a short burst, should you need it. Like winding up alad v or vor to send more enemies. Yeah.
  8. OK I know but I have to ask or at least raise this as a new (ish) player. I downloaded and started playing Warframe the moment it was released on switch, last year. Technically (assume Xbox and PS4 too) I've been playing Warframe since it was released...but I'll never be able to get 5 extractors or Excalibur prime as these are locked to founders HOWEVER...because if the PC migration thing when it was released, there are players on switch with Excalibur prime...but there's no way I can ever get that. I can't be a founder as I can't time travel to 2013 but I have been playing since day 1 on switch... Grrrr...has anyone ever got a response from DE regarding day one console players? It's bad enough having the PC players on switch but when they flaunt their founder's stuff... Ok so yeah maybe I ran into a bit of a #$&(% earlier today but it does raise the topic of stuff that adds to MR but is forever locked. Should there be people running around with Excalibur prime on switch when switch users can and could never get it themselves? I guess this goes for PS4 and Xbox too. Feel free to scoff at me, I just wanted to stir it up as that dude was reaaally smug.
  9. Yes 100% sign. Mainly because that map really felt like a gameshow map, a proper arena. The new one is horrid and a lot easier to spam. I understand the visual issues others have too, I generally play the index using the mini-map, largely ignoring the actual render. But that original indoor map was awesome. Really felt like you were taking part in an event, almost Splatoon style. They should probably create another couple maps in that vein too.
  10. What is Altra? As in 'the Saint of altra'? Surely not the running shoes company? I mean...Gauss doesn't even have any feet ooooh...please clear this up as I can find nothing on the internet other than the running shoes company. Q: Altra - who what or where is this? Thank you for your time.
  11. Yeah I'm with the user up there who mentioned titania. A straight race across fortuna or Poe against any Warframe, titania is likely to get there first. But zephyr is my 'roam' frame just because with all the flight mods added, she's basically a far more reliable itzal.
  12. When they realise just how much time it's going to take to get anywhere. I was lucky in that a) I started playing the minute it was available on switch and b) had a very good clan for those early months with some really nice pc players who had migrated their profiles across. Ah, jubbers. Why you go, jubbers. c) some people...don't like space ninjas? Is that even possible?
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