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  1. You've hit the rail-nail on the head there mate - this is completely divorced from normal Warframe and yet progression is locked behind it, railjack isn't a choice for players who just want to be...space ninjas. Are they going to add a racing sim to this next? With its own loot and progression system, full of RNG and pathetic levels of loot drops?
  2. ...really? OK that's good to hear. My concern was the comments about the ongoing repairs and leaving your railjack unguarded whilst you go out in your archwing, how underpowered or paper thin the craft is. I guessed the one player stuff would add NPC bots to tend to that stuff while you were doing the other. My concerns remain and I'll obviously have to wait to play it for myself, but it's good to hear someone say that about single player. Thank you.
  3. Please prioritise the single player railjack stuff that you have said is coming - the RNG stuff and math of the system is the number one existing concern here but how many of the comments in the last 40 pages would be at least half solved if you introduced this way of playing where you and you alone are responsible for everything. I got good hunting eidolons by going solo, and THEN teaming up once I knew what I was doing. Same with the orb mothers, same with disruptions. Please get the single player railjack experience up and running. I am a switch player (yeah lol k) and as of me writing this the update has yet to be released here...from everything (including the positive yes) I've read and watched, I can only conclude that the single player stuff should be right up there to get out ASAP. We have the extra issue on switch of very low frame rate and frequent lag, these things are OK as Warframe remains the best handheld game I've ever played. It's worth the technical drawbacks my worry is that railjack will just not...work. I hope Nintendo bring out a switch pro or something. I love Warframe. It's ace.
  4. That's a brilliant idea and should be implemented across the entire game instead of pointless dances etc that add nothing to the game. The emote wheel should be used to communicate with all players. DE are still looking for a UI / UX developer, and it shows. Add in a search bar to all menus (including star chart for missions and resources) and a great deal of Warframe's quality of life issues (which used to be called ergonomics but whatever) would be solved. Why hasn't this been done? Spaghetti code.
  5. Yep this is still happening, I have a rather large dojo, many elevators, when going down I slowly sink through the elevator floor then drop-fall to the bottom. Every time, any frame, any fashion set up, tried different graphics settings, still happens so, collision detection? 10th December 2019
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